What are the Documents Required to Become an Investment Advisor?  

Managing money is an important skill for each and every individual. To become a person who has all finance manage you need a financial advisor whom you can trust just like you trust your family doctor. The investor advisor helps you to make your financial portfolio better. You don’t need to worry about small and steady changes in your investment all has been taken care of by the investment advisor. A financial advisor provides unbiased guidance which can help you to achieve long-term goals by investing in suitable financial instruments.

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To understand the role of a financial advisor we must know what is a financial advisor,  financial advisor is a trained professional who provides consulting and advice about individual client finances.  Your financial advisor provides strategies that are well crafted and designed just for you. A good financial advisor lets you create more wealth, reduce your investment costs and eliminate debt.

Now as technology seems to grow investing become a lot easier and more reliable. You can now see trade is using more Robo-advisor which automated the programs to interpret the user information using the advanced algorithms and it can create investment portfolios focused on the client’s financial goal.

This program uses to collect data by retrieving information from customers and then completing the process and execution of investment using its algorithms.  Although the cost of this Robo advisor is low the consulting can be complicated. But nonetheless, you can grab a better opportunity whereas as an advisor you can fill the gap of Robo advisor and offer more personalized solutions to your customer. Many clients will like advisors with whom they can talk and solve their problems rather than a computer. To be a part of a financial advisor family you can check the IIFL Securities business partner program.

To know the role of a financial advisor we need to understand that the financial advisor is a solicit business where it is important to sharpen their communication skill. You need to have the ability to relate to people and maintain a healthy relationship with them. From a basic call to the onboarding process of a customer, you need to make a proper communication and problem-solving relationship. The job of an investment advisor is to explain everything in clear language to their customer and help them to make informed decisions.

To become an investment advisor you need to have a list of documents this document are as follows:

  1. Your identity proof which can be your Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID etc.
  2. Address proof i.e utility bills, Aadhar card, passport etc.
  3. Education certificate in the field of economics master’s degree will be better.
  4. Your CIBIL score.
  5. Obtain a net worth certificate from CA
  6. Income tax returns for the last 3 years.
  7. Application fee from 000/25000 as applicable.

You need to send this list of documents to the register of the office of SEBI in your location. All the documents you need to send should be self-attested. Once your application is accepted you will get an intimation to pay the registration fee. Then the registration fe payment of 10,000 rupees to 5 lakh rupees at this stage. And with the receipt, you will get registration as an investment advisor.

As we discuss the financial advisor know we need to understand the role of the financial advisor

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You Can Maintain Your Finance

Work-life and personal life are quite tough. People require to seek a professional advisor to maintain their savings and investment. Financial advisors help you to chart out your financial goals and keep you updated with the stock market. In contrast, a financial advisor is a one-stop solution to manage your saving and invest for your future.

Multiple Strategies

Financial advisors have different plans and objective solutions for people with different phases in their life. You can count on advisor expertise to tackle any problem like insurance, health insurance mutual fund investment, etc.

Retirement Plan

Hiring a financial advisor helps you in the future. They look at your present situation and plan your retirement. They handpick different investments which let you have a tension-free retirement.

Future generation

A good financial advisor provides you with a plan that helps your future generation. From real estate to the education fund, you can get all the information. You can choose the plan of your choice which lets you grow and make your upcoming generation bright.


Becoming a financial advisor is not an easy task, but with expert help and guidance you can be a financial advisor. The IIFL Securities provide best-in-class technology along with their vast networks. Apart from their expertise, you can get your hands on exclusive reports on the analysis of different financial assets. To know more about this topic visit at IIFL Securities website and become an investment advisor.