Is zorbing risky? A complete manual

The sensation of rolling down a hill in a zorb ball is unlike anything else. You are thrown around in the plush interior, shielded from the outside elements, feeling the momentum churn your stomach. Although it’s a lot of fun, is it secure? Any activity that involves moving quickly or in confined spaces warrants consideration of the risks.

So, is zorbing risky? Zorbing is one of the less risky extreme sports because its risks largely depend on the rider’s decision-making skills. Zorbing is a relatively safe activity as long as the zorb ball is properly inflated and the rider carefully selects the appropriate environment to roll in.

There are a number of factors to take into account when trying to ensure the safest experience possible, even though the informed zorb ball has little to worry about in terms of injury. Wet and dry zorbing are the two main types. Additionally, each requires a different set of safety measures.

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Dry zorbing safety precautions quick advice:

  • Take off all of your jewellery and accessories.
  • Make sure the ball is adequately inflated.
  • Make sure the buckles on your harnesses are tight.
  • Those who are prone to motion sickness should proceed with caution.
  • Verify that the ground is level and protrusion-free. The ball may be harmed by rocks and trees.
  • Dry zorbing can be done on a slope or on level ground. A harness for your body and feet is located inside the ball, along with several handles you can use to brace yourself. Make sure the harnesses are securely fastened to the ball once you are inside and that they are fastened tightly.

Once you are inside, the ball will be inflated. If the blower is in good working order, this should only take a few minutes. Make sure it is sufficiently taut to roll.

Make sure there is nothing sharp or dangling around you in the ball for obvious reasons.

You should look for ground outside the ball that is covered in active grass and doesn’t have a lot of protrusions. Although the zorb ball can easily handle small rocks and sticks, it is an inflatable and is not completely impervious to punctures.

Finally, those who are susceptible to motion sickness might not enjoy this. I would compare its severity to that of a moving cruise ship and a carousel. You can handle a zorb ball if you can handle a roller coaster.

Water zorbing

This is a type of dry zorbing where the rider is surrounded by water. Since the water holds the rider in place while the ball is in motion in warmer weather, the interior is typically much smaller and without a harness. 

You should wear the appropriate clothing, such as a bathing suit, and remember the relevant best practices from the previous section (no jewellery, make sure the ball is inflated, choose a grassy surface).

Safety measures for wet zorbing

The fact that wet zorbing is done on water is the primary distinction between the two types of zorbing. The inflatable ball floats, allowing you to move about the surface like a small hamster.

The same balls that are used for dry zorbing can be used for wet zorbing. The fact that there are “giant water walking balls” made specifically for use in water is something you absolutely must remember. 

Due to the fact that they are completely enclosed by a huge zipper, these are more dangerous and have been discouraged by many in the U.S. You must be very disciplined about timing your ride and making sure you don’t stray too far because the air supply lasts only for about five minutes.

The ball is tethered, as shown in the image below, so that it can be pulled back in the event of any accident.

The risks are, however, essentially the same as on land if you stick with the standard zorb balls with better access to air. Some zorbers have attempted to cross wide bodies of water, though it is not advised, and it is said that many of them succeeded. 

Even though I don’t support the endeavour, it does illustrate the product’s potential. It is a well-built and durable device, and those who use it wisely will probably be completely safe.

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Has a zorber ever died?

There have been people who have been hurt in unusual incidents, which are typically the result of a disregard for safety, as is the case with many recreational activities.

In 2013, two men took their zorb ball down a ski hill at a ski resort in russia, and tragically went over the side of the mountain. On the way to the hospital, one of them with a spinal injury passed away. Later, it was claimed that there ought to have been nets protecting the edge.

This tragedy was primarily caused by Russia’s lax ski resort regulations, but it could have been easily avoided. In fact, very little is known about other zorb-related mishaps. Although there might be other causes, zorbing is thought to be a generally risk-free activity.

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Even with younger kids, zorbing has become a very popular activity for families. Although it may seem dangerous to roll down hills at high speeds, the balls are made to keep those inside safe. Kameymall offers quality-guaranteed zorb balls for you as long as you keep the ball inflated and remain fastened in the harnesses when necessary.