All about Share India transformation

Ever wondered how we have access to such excellent apps, revolutionising the world of investing? The largest share of credit goes to financial institutions, which put their hands forward in transforming the way share market investing takes place. Among the leaders who pioneered this art of simplifying investments is Share India. Starting 28 years from now, the organisation stands still to march ahead with investor-centric innovation. 

Share India – The innovator and the Reformer

Started in 1994, Share India is now the largest financial institution in India, providing comprehensive financial solutions. It is synonymous with innovation and perfection. Share India’s transformation benefitted millions of enthusiastic investors. It is indeed not less than any revolution. Following are the key points highlighting the Share India’s  transformation.

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Milestones in a Chronology

  • The Beginning: Obtaining the licence from the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Share India began its operations  in 1994. It started offering financial services, marking a new dawn in Share India transformation.
  • BSE Membership: In 2000, it registered itself as a Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) member.
  • NSE and CDSL membership: At the end of a glorious decade of success and recognition, in 2010, Share India became a member of the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and Central Depository and Services Limited (CDSL).
  • IPO: The corporation touched new heights within seven years of NSE and CDSL membership. So, in 2017 it went for an Initial public offering (IPO). In the same year, it also got recognition as a SEBI registered research analyst.
  • Diversification of Services: Share India stepped into various other operations just after it went public. In 2018, it achieved quite a lot. The firm became a registered portfolio manager with the SEBI. It began its merchant and insurance banking services as well.
  • Acquisitions: By 2019, Share India established itself as a market leader. The company started looking for newer opportunities to fulfil its aim of offering its clients the best services. It acquired a few promising firms to bolster further innovation in the financial services industry. In 2019, it acquired Total Securities, a leading brokerage firm. The following year, Share India also acquired Total Commodities.
  • International footprint: Share India’s transformation did not stop at becoming the largest financial firm in the country. It now expanded itself into foreign markets. 2020 was a landmark year when it instituted Share India Global in Singapore.
  • New-age services: Given the changing investing landscape, Share India acknowledges the need for a superior digital presence. It acquired a sizable stake in some tech companies to take its digital prowess to newer heights. Algowire Trading Technologies and U trade Solutions were now under the Aegis of Share India transformation.
  • The road ahead: Share India’s transformation continues as it embarks on a journey to scale up its foothold in the retail market. Leveraging its full potential, using algo-trading, and consolidating the existing businesses, it wants to usher in a new era of investing. The firm currently has a pan-India presence with a network of more than 700 branches.

New-age and unique products

Share India’s transformation of the way investing is done is mainly because of its specialised and unique products and services. Let’s take a glance at the notable ones.

  • Algowire
  • Enables proprietary trading platforms and use of trading strategies on its trading platform. Share India’s trading platform uses field-programmable gate array (FPGA) technology resulting in low latency and hence faster execution of trades. Artificial intelligence and machine learning power the platform to provide high-tech capabilities.
  • Software products focused on high-frequency trading. Stock market data, execution of orders, and data analytics, the software are powerful enough to process them all in huge volumes.
  • A team of experts, including IIM alumni, with experience in various market segments, provide unrelentless support.
  • Utrade Solutions
  • Curated service: Share India developed the first of its kind algorithmic trading platform to empower every individual in India to invest in stock markets.
  • Presence in more than 15 countries, including Singapore, USA, UK, South Africa, UAE, Philippines, and Chile.
  • Around 100 product specialists provide their inputs to shape services keeping in line with the requirements of this digital age.

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Key drivers of Share India 

Share India has emerged as a leading firm with appropriate regulatory reforms. Teaming up with experienced brokers made it a credible organisation. Strategic mergers and acquisitions also positioned the firm in a strong position. Share India also brought sweeping reforms leveraging the power of technology. In fact, technology is the core of Share India’s operations. Constantly exploring better and more sophisticated technologies, it designed the most investor-friendly platform. Its vision is to provide retail investors with an equal chance to participate in the country’s financial market. Based on automation and the best RMS system, the platforms incorporate artificial intelligence for superior performance. Share India thus not only transformed itself as a financial services giant but the way of investing too.