Check virus protection for android phone

Is your phone having symptoms like slowing down, battery being drained very fast, certain apps not working etc. This may be due to certain malicious apps in your phone for that check virus protection for android. When you download an app make sure that you download it from the Google Play Store only and it has been verified. If you do not do so, your phone will suffer so will you. In order to prevent so, you need to be cautious always by following these points.

Using Play Protect:-

 It is always safer to download app from the Google Play Store where apps up to fifty billion are scanned every day to ensure the apps does not face any risk from malicious viruses. Even android mobile want virus protection for android and Often we download certain apps from Google to download recent movies or shows. This could be a potential threat to your device. So it is always advised not to download any app from various sites other than Play Store.  Play Store has an option Google Play Protect which is already enabled on your device initially. But always make sure it is. For that follow the steps below.

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  • Go to Settings in the Play Store.
  • Tap on Google Play Protect.
  • Enable it ON if it is turned OFF.
  • Only if the apps are shown ‘Verified by Play Protect’, then go ahead and install them.

   Uninstall any apps that are not scanned by Play Protect and verified. This could cause some serious damage to your device.

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Using Anti-virus apps:-


Another way to ensure that your phone is working smoothly from all those malicious apps, is to install any Anti-virus apps like Kaspersky, Norton, AVG Antivirus, Avast, Clean Master etc. These apps thoroughly scan your android device for any malware and notifies you of the prospective threat.  You can clean or delete your apps through these anti-virus apps hence making it sure the device runs properly.

   These are few ways you can ensure your phone is working properly. Always make sure you do not access to unrestricted websites or apps because they can bring virus to your phone easily and certain applications might not work, your battery will get drained soon, your personal data might be at risk, your phone may slow down drastically. In order to avoid those hustles, you should always be one step ahead and follow these steps.