How to Create Folder on iPhone and Group Apps on iPhone

Searching for an app on your iPhone home screen? If you are taking time to find one app amongst the many other apps, then you really need to organize your home screen as soon as possible. For that you need to know create folder on iphone and group apps on iphone. You can create folders like Music, Chat, and Entertainment etc. and add their respective apps into that folder. Now all you need to do is click on that folder to access that app which you wanted to use. Now follow these steps below to customize your home screen.

Creating a folder:-

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   You can create a new folder  on iPhone and separate the icons based on their category or your preference of usage to access it easily. All you need to follow these steps below.

  • Touch and hold on the icon of the app that you want the folder to be created.
  • Drag it to the other app and release it.
  • The folder will be created.
  • You can add up to 12 apps in that folder.
  • For iPhone 8 and below, once you complete adding apps to the folder, press the Home button. The changes will be saved automatically.
  • For iPhone X and later, once the apps are added, a prompt will appear and tap on “Done”.
  • There are four dock buttons on the lower screen. You can also add apps to that dock button.
  • Hold the folder to name your folder.
  • Do not click on the cross button once you complete your folder, because that will theoretically be deleting it. But you have to give your permission in order to complete that task of deleting that folder.

Moving apps out of the folder:-

   In case you have added an app to the wrong folder or you want to delete an app from a particular folder, all you need to do is drag the app from that folder to your home screen. Then press the Home button to save your changes.

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Delete a folder:-

   If you feel the folder which you have customized for yourself is no longer of any use and you want it to be deleted, just drag the apps one by one out of the folder. The folder will no longer remain.

   By now you must have a clear idea on how to create folder on iphone and group apps on iphone. I’m sure these points would really help you staying organized and save your time. This is an effortless and efficient method making you save a lot of time. Hope this customization options help you in arranging your folders.