PC Space saver: Send old files to OneDrive Backup

If you do not have enough storage on your PC to add your new files but at the same time skeptical to delete your old ones, do not worry. Windows 10 has an amazing feature that can send your files of your PC to OneDrive. With little storage space, this feature really comes in handy at all times so backup files to onedrive. All you need to do is initiate this process but with new Windows 10 update, this process can be automated also.

Storage Sense and OneDrive:-

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  Before Storage Sense was used to completely delete the files which have not been used from past thirty days and do backup files to onedrive. Now with new 2018 update it widens its options. It automatically checks your whole drive and transfers the files that you have not used over two months to the OneDrive. To do so, follow the steps below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Click on System.
  • Choose the option Storage.
  • Now tap on Storage Sense.
  • Click on “Change how we free up space consequently”.
  • Now search below for the OneDrive option.
  • And now click on “Content will end up online just if not opened for more than”
  • Now pick a date from options of one day, 14 days, 30 days and 60 days

   Once you have completed these steps, your files will be automatically backed up even if you do not initiate the process and the files that you have not used for the particular duration of time will be deleted automatically hence making more storage for your documents and files.

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Local vs. Cloud storage:-

   When the files are transferred to the OneDrive for backup files to onedrive, there is a placeholder created in the File Explorer which you can download at any time by just tapping on the particular folder you want to. There you will come across three symbols of OneDrive records in that status segment.

  • The Blue cloud signifies that the particular file is only an online document.
  • The Green checkmark in White circle signifies that files are locally present and when you run out of space, they would be transferred to the online Cloud storage.
  • The White checkmark in Green circle signifies that the files are locally available. How much ever short of space you are, those files will always remain locally.

   Now if you run out of shortage of space, I’m sure after reading this, you will know what needs to be done. You can send all your documents and files which includes videos, audios, music etc. to your OneDrive account and free up the space which was used by those folders. Hope these tips comes as a great help to you.