Significance of nursing research problem statement

Since the inception of the understanding of our own existence, mankind has curiously focused upon understanding their very own anatomy. Though being so modernized in time and in the field of understanding the human body, still the 21st  is revealing new insights and discoveries. The knowing of the origin of two salivary glands in the frontal part of the encephalon is a very recent example. 

Undoubtedly, all the studies with respect to the human body fall majorly under the field of medical sciences. Segregated further into several branches, each field has its own niche of operation. This niche is powered by research that ensures the development in these fields.

A very prominent field without which medical sciences may fail to exist in the field of Nursing research. An individual’s care while being treated, their pre handling and post-treatment care everything is covered in this area of medical sciences. 

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Not only it focuses on the patients but also the research is pharmacology-based as well. One can add vivid dimensions to the nursing research work area and reveal new aspects of the branch based on their research. The current pandemic has revealed real-life heroes.  Nursing personnel form these heroes undoubtedly. 

This article is dedicated to the nursing research aspirers, who in particular are beginners. As researchers of science are naturally exposed to a framework of research progression, they gradually come across research paper writing as part of their career. It is essential to write a thesis or a dissertation which are precursors of research paper writing. 

And a very important part of the design of any research paper is governed by the presentation of the problem statement. This article highlights the significance of the nursing research problem statement in a descriptive manner. 

Forming the statement

Forming an effective, impactful problem statement requires a strong purpose behind it first. Ask yourself why do you wish to address the research gap you would want to work upon. What inspires you for the same. Also, state the reasons why you are curious about the area. 

Once these questions are answered it becomes easier to develop or frame an argument that supports your problem statement. Based on the context you form the statement. It is not mandatory to strictly state your research gap or problem within one statement itself. 

The term ‘problem statement’ is just a generalized description of the topic you wish to highlight in your research.

Usually, a problem statement is nothing but a research paper helps questions that you wish to answer to in your research.

Having kept your research objectives in mind and maybe even after completion of research you may frame the problem statement. Make sure the problem statement is curiosity-inducing and must make your work sound interesting. 

Placement of the statement

Once the statement is framed it is crucial to place it at the correct location. Every researcher has their own writing style and based on that they place their problem statement. It is highly suggested and a followed norm that we place our problem statement in the abstract itself. 

However, some writers place it in the introductory sub-section. Both formats are sufficiently impactful in their own manner. Preference must be given to placing it in the abstract. As it forms the very first view of your research, it highlights a general idea for the readers, 

What to expect in the context ahead. Either abstract or introduction, the best part to place your statement is the ending section of the context. You need not end your paragraph with the problem statement but rather place a trail mark leading towards your next subsection by adding a complementary statement to the research question. 

Impact of the statement

Though it is expected that the readers of your research would be from the nursing field primarily, there is no harm in considering the entire scientific community as the audience of your work. The research question u portray must highlight very critical issues that need to be found the answers to. 

The problem statement you write needs to question the feasibility of traditional aspects in the field of nursing research is it any method, technique, or any case study, etc. The impact of the problem statement is judged by its impact on the currently followed trends in nursing research and how the found-out answers will help advance the current known sciences in a better way. 

A strong literature review researching skill is crucial in order to narrow down the possible solutions for the problem statement. Help with homework for the same can be obtained from research methodology guidance providing sources especially your professors or guides. 

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Answers to the problem statement

The solutions you display in your research that answer your problem statement are far more significant than the problem statement itself. But questions and answers they both cannot exist as a single entity. They are interdependent. One influences the existence of the other. Universal law questions cannot exist without their answers. 

Problem statements are no different. The answers only add to their significance and vice versa. But the prior is the ‘questions that arise and those need to be answered. Hence, without questions, there will be no answers. 

The propagation of science into the advancement achieved today and to that that will be achieved in the future is all dependent on human’s ability to ask questions. And these questions are nothing but problem statements. In the field of nursing science, nursing research problem statements play the role of a drawing force towards advancement. 

The modernity and technological advancement we have achieved to date is a result of problem statements that our human minds dared to think upon. Keeping in mind, the ideology behind the problem statement framing them becomes more effective and impactful. 

This article has covered some crucial aspects stating the significance, however, there are no horizons for human imagination. Feel free to explore more and more options in framing nursing research problem statements and enhancing further their significance.