Top 5 Free Data Recovery Software 2021

There must have been a time when you are working on some important thing and by accident, you delete that file. That time your mind stops working as the number of efforts you have put in that all have gone in vain. But a free data recovery software can be your solution to your problem.

List Of The Top 5 Data Recovery Software

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (For Windows & Mac)
  2. Recuva (Only Windows)
  3. Disk Drill Data Recovery (For Windows & Mac)
  4. TestDisk Data Recovery (Windows & Mac)
  5. Minitool Power Data Recovery (Only Windows)

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Here in this article, we discuss the finest software available to recovery the software

  • EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard (For Windows & Mac)

One of the friendliest software for the end-user, it has an interface that is similar to windows explorer and on top of that with help of the software data can be recovered in three-simple steps. EaseUS data recovery software can recover data up to 500MB, in the upcoming future more data could be recovered that would be added benefit of the user when it happens. One more plus point is it is free. You name it will work on that, internal and external hard disk both, USB drive and memory card too. On performance parameter it has been rated best, it supports various file system support, it supports windows and mac operating supporting system and they have taken care of security part as well

  • Recuva (Only Windows)

What if you came to know that permanently deleted files that the system has marked as free space too can be recovered with a software called Recuva. This feature is very good for this software. This software is free, it is available in both form installable and portable. Portable software gives us a cushion of not over-writing the data on the hard drive.

  • Disk Drill Data Recovery (For Windows & Mac)

Suppose you have a mad partition in your system and some of the files on your system which cannot be read all of this can be received. We are not joking we are talking about Disk Drill Data Recovery software that can do the above-mentioned things possible. Be it photos which are deleted long back or recently, videos, music files, any important file, or any hidden files which accidentally removed

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  • TestDisk Data Recovery (Windows & Mac)

This software has been specially designed keeping in mind partition software only and it free. If you remember the command prompt or DOS it is very similar to that. Here the bootable version is available and most of the developers support it and use it.

  • Minitool Power Data Recovery (Only Windows)

1GB of data can be recovered of the deleted files, restore any data in an easy three-step recovery process. It supports almost all kinds of storage devices. It has a free version that can be upgraded on the monthly, yearly, and lifetime subscriptions choice of the end-user.


After reading these articles you will have not to doubt which software is best for data recovery and that is EaseUS. It has some of the finest features and on top of that very supportive technical team would assist you in recovering your last data.