What causes sugar addiction

Whether it is an emotional, psychological, or any purpose for that matter, sugar addiction is a big concern because of its underlying side effects.

Addiction is a condition where someone’s brain mad hormone system compels them to excessively repeat an action, consume a particular food, or substance irrespective of the harmful effect such action, substance or food have on the body system. Among these addictions is the addiction of sugars which happens to lead to dire consequences like an increase in blood sugar level or diabetes when left untreated.

Hence, the need to know the causes of the prevalent sugar addiction to prevent the rate at which people are addicted to sugar intake especially in recent times.

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Causes of sugar addiction

  1. Eating Habit: bad eating habit could lead to sugar addiction. Most food products lying around these days contain high sugar content. Consuming these food products without restraint would influence one hormonal balance and acclimatize the body Chemistry to such food products. This will eventually lead to unhealthy cravings for such food products.
  2. Availability: that sugary food is easily accessible and affordable is not helping either. Almost every food processor uses sugar as a sweetener. Making it impossible for consumers to go a day without having more than enough sugar intake. This will eventually prepare the body to crave more sugar as it is familiar with an incessant intake of sugar already. The more people take food that contains sugars, the more they want more. Therefore, people trying to avoid sugar addiction should watch their diet. Especially, processed foods.
  3. Constant Fatigue: have you ever got a sudden pump of energy after taking a bottle of carbonated drinks? Candies, carbonated drinks, and many the processed foods are rich in sugar. These sugars, when broken down release endorphins into the bloodstream. Hence, the body is charged up with power. However, relying on these sugars for energy could lead to sugar addiction as cravings would automatically set in whenever such a person is tired.
  4. Sweetening property of sugar: sugar is one of the most common sweeteners in existence. It is also easily available. Many, however, don’t know the accepted level of moderation for sugar consumption. Hence, they tend to consume more than necessary which eventually leads to abuse and addiction.
  5. Emotional Eating: the same way sugar intake can pump your energy after a tiresome day, people who eat to get over it’ quickly also tend to consume a lot of sugars. Through this, they can achieve a false sense of elation and cheerfulness irrespective of their predicament. This could become an addiction for whoever is relying on sugary food for mood-lifting. Meaning that those who turn to sugars to ease their emotional burdens might turn into addicts. Symptoms of sugar addiction in such people include an increase in weight and lack of focus.

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Sugar in its entirety is not bad, but it needs to be taken in the due amount to avoid the health consequences that could come along with sugar addiction. Sugar addiction can be prevented by knowing the causes of sugar addiction which include; watching over one’s eating habit, learning to use sugar responsibly despite its availability, not relying on sugar as an energy source, and reducing the use of sugar as a sweetener. Sugar addiction can beat down one’s self-esteem and like every other addiction, induce a sense of helplessness and self-hate in the person affected. Which, if not treated, might lead to a severe case of sugar addiction as such people tend to take even more sugars than before.