Match Made in Heaven? 4 Clear Signs You’re Ready to Go Solar

Climate catastrophe. Those two words (and everything they entail) have dominated the media, caused worldwide demonstrations, and become a subject of dinnertime discussion over the last few years. And for good reason…

According to Nasa, CO2 levels are the highest they’ve been in 650,000 years, the global temperature’s risen by 2.1°F since 1880, and sea ice is melting at an alarming rate. The planet’s struggling because of us humans, which makes it our responsibility to do something about it. One of the best ways to do exactly that?

Go solar at scale…ASAP.

Indeed, harnessing the immeasurable power of the sun to fuel our energy needs will make an almighty difference in the battle against global warming. The difficult part for homeowners is knowing whether or not they’re ready to make the change! Are you on the cusp of going solar and want to know if the time’s right to do it?

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This post should help! Check out the following tell-tale signs that you’re ready to start installing solar panels at home.

The Benefits of Solar Power

Let’s hit pause for a moment and reflect on the fact you’re still unsure about switching to solar. You know the environment’s in jeopardy and that solar energy’s making its way into the mainstream. But, for one reason or another, you’re still struggling to make up your mind about the investment.

Sound familiar? Well, understanding the many benefits of going solar might make a difference! With that in mind, here’s everything you’d have to look forward to if you called up companies like Blue Raven Solar to install solar panels at home:

It’s a Clean, Green, Renewable Power Source

The most important incentive to going solar is the positive impact has on the planet! Unlike fossil fuels (AKA coal, oil, and natural gas), which damage the environment at every turn, solar power’s as green as it gets. This clever technology harnesses the sun’s energy to fuel our escalating electricity needs.

There’s no digging, drilling, mining, or fracking involved. Nor are there any emissions released into the atmosphere. You reap all the rewards of a reliable supply of power with none of the environmental implications.

It’s Cheaper

Oh, and you’ll save good money in the process! We don’t have to tell you how expensive it is to siphon power from the grid- those monthly utility bills do the explaining for us. That all changes when you install solar panels though.

You bid farewell to expensive energy companies and start drawing power from that giant ball of fire in the sky. Sure, you have to pay for the panels and their installation. But you’ll start recouping those costs as soon as your solar panels are up and running.

Better still, you’ll make your house more valuable at the same time. Prospective buyers love properties with panels on the roof nowadays and they’re willing to pay a premium for them as a result.

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It Provides Constant Power

A common misconception about solar panels is that you only get power at certain times of the day. And it’s a fair assertion! After all, the sun isn’t out all day every day, so how could solar power ever generate a constant supply of electricity?

For one thing, solar technology has developed leaps and bounds over the years. These panels are now far more efficient at harnessing the sun, making them ten times better at powering peoples’ homes. Furthermore, very few homeowners rely on solar power alone!

They tap into the grid as well. In other words, if the sun isn’t delivering enough juice, they siphon power from the usual sources as normal. Throw in the batteries that store surplus solar energy throughout the day and you should never go without power.

You Qualify for Tax Breaks

Governments around the world, including the US, have (at long last) recognized the need to instigate sustainable changes. That’s why they’ve started incentivizing the installation of solar panels! They’re offering substantial tax breaks to any individuals or businesses who make the switch to solar.

For example, the ‘federal residential solar energy tax credit’ offers a dollar-for-dollar income tax reduction of 26% of whatever you pay to install your solar energy system at home. This figure’s set to decrease over time and the tax reduction will no longer apply in a few years’ time. So get moving and install those solar panels!

It’s Cheaper Than Ever

As solar technology has become more advanced, it’s also become more cost-effective. Thanks to government incentives and research funding, businesses are manufacturing high-quality solar systems at a fraction of what they once cost. To put it another way, it’s never been cheaper to access the benefits we’ve just talked about.

You’ll save on the initial purchase price, installation, and ongoing maintenance! That should, with luck, make this vital sustainable technology more accessible to everyone.

Signs You’re Ready for Solar Panels

Regardless of the benefits involved, making the switch to solar power’s still a big decision. After all, it costs money, alters the aesthetic of your home’s exterior, and demands certain shifts in your usual habits and practices. If you’re trying to figure out if now’s the right time to go solar, then this next section should help.

Here are the primary signs that you’re ready to switch to solar energy:

  1. You Own Your Home

Renting a home’s great for convenience and flexibility. But it’s also restrictive in nature. As you’re aware, you live by the landlord’s rules and lack the ability to make major changes to the property without their approval.

Top tip: one way around this could be to talk to your landlord. Let them know of the benefits involved, explain how solar panels would increase their property’s value, and outline the tax breaks on offer. With any luck, they’ll be willing to install solar panels on the property on your behalf.

Nevertheless, going solar’s probably off the cards until you become a homeowner in your own right. If you’ve signed the dotted line and moved from tenant to owner, then there’s no time like the present to make the switch to solar.

  1. Your Roof’s up to the Task!

The layout and structural integrity of your home play a role too. First off, your roof has to be strong enough to handle the weight of any solar panels you install! Be sure to arrange a professional roof inspection if there’s any doubt about that in your mind.

It’s also worth assessing your roof to make sure its setup’s suitable for solar. In an ideal world, it’d be:

  • South-facing (to deliver the best bang for your buck in terms of electricity output),  
  • Angled at a 30-degree pitch (to assist with mounting the panels),
  • Have a large, square shape (to provide sufficient space for the panels),
  • Have nothing in the vicinity to obstruct the sun, and
  • Be new, strong, and made from materials such as wood, metal, or composite.

Don’t worry if you only tick some of these boxes. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. You might not reap as much electricity as some households, but most roofs are more than capable of supporting solar panels.

  1. You’re Tired of Sky-High Utility Bills

Electricity from the grid’s already expensive. And, given the nature of non-renewable energy sources, it’s only going to become higher-priced over time!

If you’ve grown tired of paying through the nose for power, then this could be another sign you need to go solar. Make the switch and you’ll start saving straight-away.

  1. You Want to Make a Difference

It’s important to consider your feelings about the environment too. Are you worried for the planet and concerned over the impact our current energy practices are having? Are you thinking about what the future holds; the world in which your grandkids will live and the issues they’ll face as a result of our actions?

If so, then the decision to go solar makes perfect sense. After all, this is about more than using the sun to power our homes. It’s about being part of the solution instead of the problem!

Remember the Signs You’re Ready to Go Solar

Environmental issues are at the forefront of political agendas, government policies, and peoples’ minds nowadays. Why? Because our amazing planet is suffering and it’s time to decide what we, as a human race, are going to do about it.

As we’ve seen, going solar at scale is one of the best potential solutions to the problem. Thanks to modern solar panel technology, we have everything we need to power our planet without harming it. The hard part for homeowners is knowing whether or not the time’s right to take the plunge and go solar!

With any luck, the insights in this article will help you identify the best way forward for you and your family. Head to the ‘Lifestyle’ section of our website to find and read more articles like this one now.