10 Employee Appreciation Ideas for Small Businesses

Appreciating your employee is very beneficial for the company. This will not only motivate the employee to work harder in the future but also engage the level of convincing in it. Appreciation can be given in 3 different types 1. Formal appreciation, 2. Informal appreciation and 3. Micro recognition. The level of the business decides the type of employee recognition event. A small business can’t spend too much money on employee appreciation events so that’s why they mannerly choose informally and micro-recognition as their way of appreciating their employee. 

In this discussion, we’re going to discuss the top 10 employee recognition ideas for small companies. So, without wasting any time let’s get started. 

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One-On-One Lunch

If you have a small business with limited staff then you can take them for lunch in a restaurant. You can spend time with your employees and feel relaxed. You can also celebrate the employee of the month event there. 

Coffee treat

You can organize a coffee day for your staff. This will generate a relaxed environment in the stressed working conditions. Offer them coffee and an additional break if possible. This will be a great option for employee appreciation in small companies. 

Company celebration

Company celebration is also a bright idea which can be executed for appreciating your employees. You can manage a birthday party for your employee’s birthday. This enhances the emotion of the employee towards the office members. 

Rewards him with a prize

Rewards are one of the most effective and affordable ideas for employee appreciation for small companies. You can easily provide a reward to the employee in front of other office members. This enhances the will of the employee and makes them more devoted and confident in their work. 

Give a sincere “Thanks” to him

Every employee wants he/she recognized and noticed for their work. When an employee works sincerely and provides its full potential on work then a sincere “Thanks” by their seniors means a lot to him. 

Day Off reward 

You can give “A Day Off” to your employees as a reward for their hard work. This is one of the brightest ideas for every employee to be recognized in a small company.

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Reward your employee with company swag

Here, company swag stands for the items which are gifted in perspective to the recognition of employees and promotion of the company. 

Give him a cash bonus

A cash bonus is a great way for employee recognition because it generates an emotional connection between employee and company. It feels to the employee that the company cares about him. 

Annual Events

It can be a little expensive for a small company but if you can manage then this is the best way to provide employee recognition to your employee. 

Hold a self-care day for your employees

Offer them an off from their work and get paid for it. Organize a self-care day for your employees. 


So, here we did use the best ideas which can be easily used by a small company to provide proper employee appreciation to your employees.