Is Live Music Right For Your Next Event?

Music is generally a part of any event, and you may be planning something in the near future and considering your options for music. One of your first choices is whether you want something like a passive playlist that just keeps the music going regardless of audience input or that may even fade into the background, or a live musician or DJ that can interact with the audience and really make the experience personal and memorable.

While a playlist may be appropriate for some events, if you don’t want the focus to be on music or dancing, for the majority of events, you want your guests to be on their feet and enjoying themselves, and live music would really add to the excitement and ambiance of the party. Overall, live music is generally the way to go for any event or party, and here are some options for live music as you plan:

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A DJ is a nice balance between live music and not live music. While the music itself is not being played or sung live, there is still a person providing the music and entertainment in real time. So if you prefer not to have true live music like a band, singer, or musicians, a DJ is a good compromise and definitely a step up from a playlist in the background.

A DJ would be a great option for any event that requires an emcee and instructions to attendees. If you plan an event like a fundraiser for your company and don’t want live music like a band or singer, consider booking a corporate event DJ.


If you do want to include live music at your event, consider a band. A band really brings a high level of engagement with the audience, and there is definitely more excitement and engagement with a live band, including musicians and singers.

Depending on the type of band that you book, they may also be able to take requests. For example, a cover band may be able to take into account the preferences of the party planner or guests, or you could choose to book a specific type of band to fit the needs of you event, like an Oldies band.

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Solo Singer or Musician

If you are really looking to elevate your event, consider booking a solo live singer or musician. A talented solo singer crooning at an anniversary or birthday party or a live piano or cello player playing at your wedding ceremony will really stand out to guests and make your event memorable.

Since Latin music is becoming very popular, you may consider booking a Latin female singer for your next event, or depending on the vibe you want for your party or event, consider the vast number of instruments you can book a musician to play.

Overall, live music really does elevate almost any event. If you want to stick to non-live music, at least book a DJ to provide some additional entertainment. However, give a lot of consideration to live music, including a band, solo singer, or instrumentalist.


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