Who does not know the world-famous pyramids of Giza? The signs of a long past high culture that is second to none and still fascinates travelers from all parts of the world today and stand for Egypt like hardly any other symbol. But in Egypt diversity is part of the program, old temples, the ruins of the Macedonians, the Valley of the Kings and the impressive natural landscape near Aswan and the Red Sea.

Tourists who want to get to know the country in all its beauty should take one of the Egypt tours . With a guided tour, especially those who are visiting Egypt for the first time, can travel safely and comfortably. But not all-round trips are the same. Here you should already have a rough idea of ​​what you are particularly interested in.

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Egypt has something for everyone

Egypt is very diverse, and opinions differ about which sights should definitely be on the itinerary, there are more than enough choices. We have selected a few of the most important highlights and described them in more detail:

Pyramids of Giza

The UNESCO World Heritage listed pyramids of Giza with the great Sphinx are 4,500 years old and are the only ancient wonder that has survived to this day. Its construction began around 2500 BC. And were used as tombs of the pharaohs. The area includes the Cheops pyramid, the Chephren pyramid and the Mykerinos pyramids as well as a few other smaller pyramids. The great sphinx was probably erected to keep watch over the tombs.

The capital Cairo

The Islamic old town of Cairo is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is only 15 km from Giza, and even shapes the skyline. Cairo lives from the many mosques whose minarets soar into the sky and ancient buildings that are still remarkably well preserved and exude oriental charm. The city’s Egyptian Museum is the largest of its kind and has the largest and most impressive collection of ancient Egyptian art.

Abu Simbel temple complex

The magnificent rock temples Ramses II at Abu Simbel in the south of the country impress with their sheer size. The two temples – the large one for Ramses II and the small one for his wife – were built 3,200 years ago when Nubia was still part of Egypt. The stone statues in the entrance area all show Ramses II, they are 22 m high, and they are also part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Hurghada and the Red Sea

The Red Sea has a unique underwater world. Coral reefs, colorful fish and plenty of marine animals as well as the crystal-clear water invite you to snorkel and dive. But other water sports are also possible. Hurghada, which used to be a fishing village, is now the tourist center for bathing and beach holidaymakers – sun guaranteed. There are many diving hotspots, the most famous of which is Giftun Island, where all the beauty of the water world is revealed.

The temple of Luxor

Luxor is particularly impressive for its temple ruins at West. The city was a religious center for more than two millennia, and the country was temporarily ruled from Luxor. The Greek word for the city is Thebes, which was very influential in ancient Greece. East and west of the Nile (Nile River Cruise is the best way to see Luxor & Aswan) are temple ruins from a total of three millennia. The two great temples of gods and the mortuary temple were continuously expanded by the pharaohs.

Aswan – the most beautiful city in Egypt

Aswan is located in the south of Egypt and impresses in two ways. The modern Aswan is shaped by the reservoir, but also the ruins of the Simeon monastery and the wonderful nature make Aswan a real gem.

Of course, this is only a short selection of the attractions that you could visit. When planning your trip, it pays to think carefully about what you really want to see and put together your dream trip.

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Practical tips for your Egypt vacation

Anyone visiting a foreign country with a different religion and tradition should find out beforehand how they should behave. Therefore, here are a few basic rules that will help you discover the magic of the Orient for yourself:

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Good equipment

By equipment, we don’t mean cameras and cameras, but reliable travel health insurance. If you are adequately insured, you are protected in an emergency – in the event of an accident or illness.

Pay attention to hygiene

They can do a lot to help keep you healthy. If you use mineral water to brush your teeth, you are already half the battle, because water in particular poses a high risk to your health.

Haggle for every penny

Even if it is uncomfortable for many Europeans, doing shopping is part of it. The dealer names his price, you name your price, and you usually meet in the middle. Don’t act, pay a lot more.

Dealing with the Egyptians properly

Especially those who come to Egypt for the first time often do not know how to behave. The basic rule is: show confidence without appearing arrogant, be respectful and polite.

Be considerate of Egyptian culture

Muslim Egypt expects tourists to dress appropriately. For women, this means that the shoulders and legs should be covered. Newly in love and homosexual couples should urgently refrain from exchanging affection in public. Homosexuals would even have to expect to go to jail, as homosexuality is a criminal offense in Egypt.

It can get very hot in Egypt in summer. If you’ve got a tight program of sightseeing, you’d better avoid visiting the country in midsummer, as temperatures often climb above 40 degrees.