Dan Snyder’s Impact in the Boardroom, At the Stadium and Beyond

Throughout most of Dan Snyder’s 55 years, he has lived close to Washington, D.C. But he has helped to dramatically improve communities far beyond the local area. 

Snyder grew up in a middle-class home with a strong passion for the Washington Redskins football team. After he graduated from college, he quickly made a name for himself in the business world. One of Dan Snyder’s most notable achievements was founding and growing Snyder Communications, Inc. For many years, Snyder poured his time, energy and resources into the growth of this company, and his hard work ultimately paid off. When the company was listed on the New York Stock Exchange, Snyder was the youngest CEO at the time to lay claim to this accomplishment. He later sold this company to a French firm in March 2000 for $2.3 billion. At that time, Snyder Communications, Inc. was a Fortune 500 company with operations on multiple continents and a workforce of more than 12,000 skilled individuals. 

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When Dan Snyder was presented with the opportunity to purchase the Washington Football Team that he had been fan of since childhood, he did not hesitate to act. He applied his strong business acumen alongside his passion for the game, and he has since made the franchise one of the most valuable sports franchises in the world. Just one of the many profit-generating endeavors he has led while owning the franchise is to create a solid retail arm of the organization. Dan Snyder has also been active within the NFL by serving on committees for business ventures, international expansion, digital media and others. 

While these profound accomplishments only touch the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Dan Snyder’s success as a business professional and as an NFL franchise owner, his most significant impacts have been made under a charitable foundation that he launched more than two decades ago. He founded the Washington Charitable Foundation, and has initiated multiple endeavors over the years and continues to support active endeavors from other partner organizations. For example, the foundation hosted a community outreach program called Play 60 to inform more than 5,000 kids and 200 high school coaches about the dangers of concussions and appropriate prevention measures. 

The Washington Charitable Foundation has also supported children’s community outreach programs like Read, Loads of Love and others. Collectively, these childhood wellness programs reached 12,000 students in local middle schools and elementary schools in 2019 alone. Loads of Love supports childhood education by providing children in need with clean clothes that they can wear to school, improving hygiene and helping avoid embarrassment, shame, or disruption to their education. 

This foundation’s philanthropic reach goes beyond the classroom. For example, it has provided direct relief to numerous communities after natural disasters. These disasters include Hurricane Matthew, Hurricane Katrina and the 2004 tsunami that struck southern Asia. Relief provided by the foundation includes financial support as well as labor and aid distributed on the ground. 

Dan and his wife, Tanya, have also been active philanthropists outside of the Washington Charitable Foundation. In response to the global COVID-19 pandemic, they donated $100,000 to the Capital Area Food Bank. They also supported the Maryland National Guard with the transformation of FedExField into a virus testing site. 

In response to the extensive social injustice issues that were brought to light in 2000 after multiple instances of police violence, Daniel Snyder also generously donated $250,000 to local organizations that focus on social justice and awareness. Previously, the Snyder family contributed $35,000 for the renovation of the historic Ashburn Colored School after it suffered severe damage at the hands of vandals. 


In support of other causes that are meaningful to their family, Tanya and Dan Snyder have been active with organizations like the Children’s National Hospital and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Their generosity of time, energy and money has resulted in both of these organizations naming new buildings on their grounds in their honor. 

Over the years, Snyder has also supported Beacon House, the Gary Sinise Foundation, Salute for military veteran appreciation, Youth for Tomorrow and other charitable and philanthropic organizations. He is a member of the Greater Washington Jewish Sports Hall of Fame as well as a recipient of the Charles B. Wang International Children’s Award. To date, Snyder has played a role in the collection and distribution of more than $30 million to a wide range of organizations and causes. Altogether, his reach has touched millions of people, and this impact is only expected to grow as Dan Snyder continues to have a positive influence on the world around him. For more information about Dan Snyder, read more about them here.

Additional information can be found on https://americanfootball.fandom.com/wiki/Daniel_Snyder