5 Self-Care Tips For Better Health

If you’ve been looking for ways to live a healthier lifestyle, search no further. These 5 self-care tips for better health will improve your physical and mental wellbeing and keep you in top condition.

Relax With Some Premium CBD

Why not drift off to sleep, or simply chill out, lie back, and relax, with some premium Vermont CBD? Tinctures and capsules will enable you to carve out some special, anxiety-free ‘me-time’ as a treat at the end of a long day. Research shows that CBD is effective in aiding sleep, reducing anxiety and it can help to treat conditions such as PTSD and insomnia.  

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Stay Active

The first, and perhaps most important thing, is to make sure you stay active. This doesn’t mean you have to join a gym or an exercise class if you find them intimidating, or if they’re not your thing (though those are both excellent ways of staying active); you can get exercising and moving from the comfort for your own home with hundreds of free dance classes, yoga classes, pilates classes, and workout led by expert personal trainers online – and if you know where to look, you can find them for free – or at least at very affordable prices. You can also get moving with lower intensity workouts like hiking, swimming, jogging, speed walking, and more. Whatever you’re current health status and level of fitness, there’s always something you can do to blow away the cobwebs, stretch those muscles, and build up your stamina. You’ve got this.

Remain Hydrated

It’s imperative that you remain hydrated. Drink plenty of whatever throughout the day, and even more when you’re working out or spending time in the sun. You don’t want the fatigue and discomfort that come with being dehydrated. Remember that coffee and alcohol, while pleasant indulgences, aren’t the most hydrating of liquids (and can, in fact, dehydrate you in some instances); so, for the most part, stick to water, juices, and smoothies. This will help your energy levels, overall health, and even give your skin a well-hydrated glow.

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Exercise Your Mind

The health of the mind is intrinsically linked with that of the body. Be sure to keep your mind active and stimulated by gaining new knowledge and learning new skills. Always be challenging yourself. This might mean learning a new language, taking up a new class or hobby (why not learn to cook, or sew, or build computers from scratch?), or doing daily challenges like puzzles and crosswords. If you’re not a fan of the old-school, newspaper versions, there are many fun and engaging ‘brain teasing’ apps and games available.

Practice Good Sleep Hygiene

Sleep is paramount to your mental and physical health: giving yourself a healthy sleep routine and good sleep hygiene is an excellent act of self-care. Sleep in a cool, dark room, don’t vary your bedtime by more than an hour each day, and invest in soft pillows, white noise machines, lavender sprays, candles, plushie toys, fans, or whatever it is you need to ensure a peaceful and restorative night’s sleep. Your body and mind will thank you when you wake up energised and refreshed, ready to take on the day’s challenges. 

Are you ready to try out all of the above and utilize the power of self-care to become a happier, healthier version of you?