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Facebook for Windows is a social media app that lets you use a native Desktop app instead of logging in through a browser. Even you can get screen updates for activities, even if it is minimised. Share your ideas, tailor your news feeds, edit anonymity, and manage groups. Facebook Desktop is useful for someone who wants to be involved on this website.

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More connected than ever before

It’s never been easier to keep up with the ever-growing online community with the Facebook app download for your Laptop. Keep in touch, or reconnect on any computer with friends and family.

This app will use the venue, camera, microphone, image , and video link to your Computer. If you have Facebook enabled, the app will work by accessing your Internet connection and creating dynamic code

It’s a fast process to instal Facebook on your Windows computer and the file is around 164 MB in size. You’ll like the usability once you’ve got the software on your Computer.

Simple to navigate & stay up to date

The design is familiar and simple to use, and is elegant and tidy in nature. Although there aren’t many new features available, the app provides smooth browsing and user experience without effort. Except for the most beginner user there is no big learning curve.

After you have entered your Facebook login code, you will see a tabbed menu on the left side of the screen with items such as News Feed, Groups and Friends included. You will receive a screen notification any time someone sends you a message, invites you to an event, likes it or comments on your posts.

Get the word out

By updating your Facebook status, let your network get in on your everyday thoughts or views about the world. The box will prompt you by saying, “What’s on your mind?” Maybe you don’t want to see your active grandma. Anyways post it! By clicking on the “friends” drop-down menu and selecting your audience, choose who can see your update.

The community features are among the most useful Facebook functions. If you are planning a beach party or organising a rally, that’s the place to do it. See the communities you are interested in or administrating to with the web app. Groups are an ideal way of communicating with people of common interests.

Organize your feed

By going to your News Feed Preferences you can change the way that your News Feed appears. Adjust these settings depending on the friends you want to see when the photos appear at the top of your screen, and click on the profiles from which you want to learn more.

The app recommends video clips and news reports just for you. You may communicate by inserting comments or responding to posts and media using the emoji button to like, love, laugh, cry or show frustration.

Share your favourite moments

One of the FB app’s biggest advantages is that it lets users upload images and videos in a snap. Never miss out on the opportunity to share the most memorable moments. You can also post pictures on common social media sites such as Instagram.

A number of video files such as.avi,. MP4 are supported by the programme. Unfortunately for Windows you can’t download videos directly via Facebook. But you can download Facebook Videos for Free

Control your privacy

If you are worried about privacy, your default settings can be changed from inside the Facebook app. The app will guide you to the browser tab if you want to change your ‘Privacy Shortcuts.’

FB provides a wide range of tools to prevent any third party from manipulating your data. Change the audience of your potential posts under the section titled “Who can see my content” and mask what you share from specific individuals.

You can also change the password, address and phone number settings so that nobody can find your account by searching. Do not forget to restrict the exposure of your profile too.

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No games on the PC app

While Facebook’s PC version has a great deal to give, you can’t play any of the fun and exciting games. You can see there is an option on the menu, but in your internet browser, the app can redirect you to the FB web site. You’ll have all the keys to your favourites after that.

Redirected to the browser often

One big problem with this app is that it all too frequently redirects you to a web browser. You can’t handle chats or make voice and video calls; you ‘d need to download Facebook messenger or use another programme like WhatsApp for that. You will be redirected to the site for a two-step verification if you forget your password, where you will then be able to reset your records.

You still have to deal with ads

The FB dashboard is full of ads across channels, which hinder updates from loved ones and old friends. Unfortunately you don’t get rid of paying recommendations by installing the app to your Device. Advertisements based on Facebook’s algorithm will also be seen.

Not enough new features

For Windows, Facebook will do much of what you would do on Web-based or smartphone versions, but you will always be redirected to a browser. The native app does not provide anything new, but the interface is smooth and getting access to this strong social network on all of your devices is convenient.

There has been an improvement in pace in recent updates and bugs have been resolved regarding the “load more comments” option. The app works well on any device and we look forward to the next version, which will hopefully include exciting new features like dark mode.

Download Facebook for PC From Here:

Download Facebook for PC



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