Download WhatsApp for PC

WhatsApp from Facebook WhatsApp Messenger is a FREE messaging app.From here download whatsapp for pc like windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac.One of the most popular chat and instant messaging apps available today is WhatsApp. The service helps users to save data by transmitting messages via an internet link to computers. People usually use this software on mobile devices, but with the latest update of Windows, chats can finally be accessed straight from your desktop messenger.

WhatsApp on your desktop

Communicate with ease with this WhatsApp downloads for PCs from your work computer or laptop. The new desktop software can be downloaded on both Windows and MacOS. On your mobile device, the programme syncs with the application. Also, you can configure alerts and keyboard shortcuts to your taste since you instal it natively.

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A sleek and simple interface

What you’d get from the WhatsApp desktop gui, without any frills or clutter. The possibilities are straightforward and well organised. Navigation and usability would require no clarification for someone who is acquainted with WhatsApp for Android. If you do not know it, it’s easy to understand.

It doesn’t take a lot of learning time or effort. The choices are reminiscent of the whatsApp Android software. Users may also be familiar with the features and layout of the web-browser edition which is quite similar.

Most of the same, great functions

This installation of WhatsApp for your PC is very close to the Web and Smartphone versions. It provides much of what you want to see and do, except now it’s on a larger screen. You can speak, send images or other documents, and receive them. The app also provides the ability to create and manage communities, and to make profile changes.

Real time synchronization

After you have installed this app, you will have to use your mobile device to search the QR code. This is equivalent to the WhatsApp Network. After that, your devices will be synced, and from your laptop or desktop computer you can start talking.

While the app is close to the Web edition, without having to open a web browser, it is good to be able to access chats. Changing the settings to get native desktop updates would make the software more available.

The issue is that you’re going to need a regular phone connexion. You can’t log into the desktop edition if your mobile device is dead. A one-time password method is provided by other programmes, such as LINE. This keeps your messages secure but in the event of a dead phone battery it does not hamper your desktop experience.

Chat better, faster, and more comfortably

Connections are usually quicker via a PC, so files are transferred more easily, and messages are transmitted easily. The monitor is not only bigger and easier on the eyes, but for many, talking on a computer keyboard is also much smoother and more relaxed.

This chat app, as with other versions, gives you the power to handle groups of up to 256 people at a time. You can also call the party, and customise alerts. These are helpful for event management or for technical environments.

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A better experience

You can submit images, videos , and audio clips through your PC if you have a webcam and a microphone on your computer.

A phone always has to be connected

The fact that the app is connected to your smartphone is, sadly, both an asset and a drawback. When you are using WhatsApp for Windows, your mobile device will need to be paired at all times. Ensure your Android or iPhone is linked to a Wi-Fi network to reduce your data consumption.

Some options are missing

With the web application, there are a few unforeseen weaknesses. There are a few choices missing, such as being able to reach people via voice and video calls. You still can’t share your current position with whatsApp for Windows 10 PCs.

Effortless desktop chatting

Downloading WhatsApp for Windows is the right call for those who do a lot of work on their computer during the day and do not want to think about having to switch between devices. Our only hope for the future is that we will enjoy this app without having to have connected our phones.

This desktop version of the globally popular messaging app is simple and well built, although there are some minor annoyances and missing functionality. It will be a must-download for any WhatsApp user with a Windows PC until this app can function independently, without the connexion of a mobile device.

If you update the newest version of the desktop software, you will have access to seamless messaging as long as your computer is running on Windows 10 at least. WhatsApp suggests that your PC also have a built-in keyboard , mouse, and camera for optimal performance.

Download Whatsapp For PC

Mac OS X 10.10 and higher

Windows 8 and higher (64-bit version)

Windows 8 and higher (32-bit version)