6 Things To Consider Before Buying a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The transition phase of new technology is underway, and it’s moving at a highly rapid pace from manual to automatic. We will soon have robots such as the Star Wars droids to assist us daily. 

We aren’t looking for helpers who can fly planes for our benefit. A little help with home maintenance, for example, would be a great idea. Robot vacuum cleaners can be a great help. There are a lot of models available from different vendors, but how do you choose the right one?

To make things easy, we have described the six critical factors to look for before buying a new robotic vacuum cleaner in India.

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Every person who plans to spend money should first consider their budget. It will also help you narrow down your search for the best robot vacuum. Although there have been many manufacturers, this has not helped much.

Sometimes, too many choices can be confusing, and it won’t be easy to choose between Roomba and Deebot. One thing that has made the technology more advanced is increased competition, complemented by the high prices resulting from intense competition.

Vacuums with all the features you need are now available for Rs. 15000 to 30000. You can also purchase the latest models at prices up to Rs. 40000, but you will need to decide on a budget-friendly option first.

Waste bin size

It is also important to remember, as the robot cannot clean itself. Take the dustbin as an example. It is necessary to empty the dustbin manually each time it gets full. It is essential to consider the size of your dustbin as this will affect how often you need to clean it. You will need to clean your waste bin more often if it is smaller.

Filter parts

You can also use the dustbin size to determine how often you need filters replaced. A robot with a smaller dustbin size will fill up more quickly, and it all depends on how often you use the robot. 

However, it is recommended that you clean the filter with hot water at least every two weeks, and you should replace the filter every six months. The vacuum’s ability to suck can be affected by a dirty filter. It depends on how often your robot vacuum is used, and the time it takes to vacuum may increase if not used often.

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Cleaning schedules

You may need to have it done for you if you cannot supervise your home’s cleaning. You should consider scheduling cleaning. You may be able to oversee the cleaning process and save money.

This ability is found in almost all automatic vacuum cleaners, except those with low prices. If you’re nerdy, you might want to consider the new models that have WiFi controls. You can use your smartphone to set cleaning times, and it will also send you notifications about cleaning issues and reports right from your smartphone.


It is essential to understand this first. Robot cleaners are powered by batteries and require subsequent charging. To avoid any delays in charging, you must fully charge your robot before being used. The charging time for most robots is three times longer than the active battery life. To get a one-hour cleaning time, you may need to charge the battery for three hours.

Consider the dimensions and structure of your home when making a decision. Long battery life is a plus if navigation is difficult or frequent in your home. For an average house, the threshold should be two hours, and this will vary depending on your house’s structure.


It is vital to consider the size of a robot vacuum cleaner when buying one. Although these vacuums are very efficient at cleaning specific areas of your house, they often have lags underneath furniture. It will struggle to move around if the table is not well supported. The robot’s size is essential.

Vendors manufacture most robots at 2 inches in height, which is a reasonable ground clearance threshold. Be sure to consider the size and measurements of your furniture, as well as other details.