Basic skills English and Maths and international GCSE

As soon as children reach the entrance exam for A levels or IB diploma, the parents become more conscious to have solid foundations in their children. Irrespective of the location or residence, the IGCSE program works on students to prepare them for higher studies. People also prefer GCSE Online Courses

Most of us are aware of how important it is to have basic English and Math skills. In this blog, there is a short introduction to IGCSE and an overview of basic skills English and Math courses. 

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What is IGCSE?

Students who plan to study abroad are more benefit from IGCSE. It is based on the UK syllabus but operates internationally. Students are assessed by exams through the exam board chosen by the school. 

For example, the Cambridge exam board allows students to appear in more than seventy subjects (which includes thirty different languages as well). The purpose behind including these many languages and subjects is to make IGCSE accessible for students of both Eng-speaking and non-English speaking backgrounds. It also offers a chance for students to continue studies in their mother tongue. By offering both core and extended curriculum papers in several subjects, the IGCSE holds in students with varied abilities. 

Basic English Skills and Math

How many chances you have to appear in exams in a year depends on the awarding body you opt for. For example, CAIE exams take place in the 6th and 11th months whereas, Edexcel conducts exams in the 1st and 6th month of the year. Students have to appear in 2 exams for IGCSE English and 2 exams for IGCSE Maths. 

Higher-level education institutes and many companies accept IGCSEs. Students may subscribe for IGCSE Maths Online sessions. You will be benefited in 3 ways. First, you develop mathematical knowledge as an important routine skill. Second, you get prepared for higher studies. Third, you understand the relationship between numbers and patterns, while developing skills to solve problems and result interpretations. Algebra along with GCSE Maths Online will help you gain all the above-mentioned benefits. 

IGCSE English targets native Eng-speaking students and helps them stay confident while speaking and writing in English. Students will also improve their vocabulary and grammar skills. 

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Functional Skills English and Maths

Coursework is not the part of Functional Skills Level 2, and same as other, exams are designed depending on the awarding body: 

There will be 3 exams (reading, writing and speaking & listening paper) for English Functional Skills Level 2. 

In the case of Maths Functional Skills Level 2, there can be 1 or 2 exams. One paper is conducted if there are 2 sections included while 2 papers are conducted from each section. 

English Level 2 Certificate

Abstract Education offers a Level 2 Certificate in English Skills (coursework equivalent to GCSE). 

Math Level 2 Certificate

Abstract Education offers a Level 2 Certificate in Math Skills (coursework equivalent to GCSE). 

Before making enrollment in Level 2 English and Maths, coordinate with the school if they accept or not. You will enjoy distance learning education and will not require to appear in final exams. A series of assignments awaits you and until you show your eligibility for qualifying, you will be taught. On reaching the competent levels, you will be given NOC to leave the course.