5 Key Benefits of Game Development Outsourcing

Outsourcing, or the process of getting part or most of a company’s work done by a third party, is a popular trend, and the gaming industry has not been left behind when it comes to this. Many game development teams are not seeking the services of game development outsourcing companies, with many benefits. For instance, the host companies can save more cost and time, reduce the risks, compliance, and regulatory rules that come with game development, have better results since they have game development tasks done by people or studios who understand the job and get the opportunity to be productive since they can focus their activities on other revenue-generating jobs of game development. Many wonder still wonder what outsourcing game development services means, and you might be one of them. Keep peering into this article to get the answer to this question and also learn about the benefits of this popular trend in the game dev world.

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Understanding what outsourcing game development means

According to Newzoo, the most popular site for publishing game development-related news, game development outsourcing is becoming more popular in the gaming industry, which is why this trend is making the gaming industry earn billions of dollars. But what does outsourcing game development services mean? It is the process of delegating part, if not most, of a company’s game development tasks to a third party. The third party can be a pool of artists, a developer, or even a studio. Regardless of who gets the outsourcing game development tasks, one thing must be certain: he (or them) must be technologically advanced to meet or bypass the host company’s technological expectations and still offer services affordably. 

Outsourcing the services of a third party is not a new idea and has been there for the longest time, which is why the gaming industry hasn’t failed us either. When a company outsources part or most of the office tasks, he offloads itself of many burdens, including the need to have all the resources to a task. This is because the process involves establishing a remote staff who typically works away from your premises but still delivers results. As such, outsourcing services, as in game development, helps a brand stay on a competitive market edge, and this comes with many other perks.

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Key advantages of outsourcing game development services

Like any other form of outsourcing, seeking a third party to handle part, most, or all of your game development tasks comes with many advantages, including;

  1. Outsourcing game development services helps a company save costs

The primary of outsourcing a third party to perform part or most of your tasks, as in outsourcing game development services, is to save cost, which is true on the actual ground. Usually, the host game development company reaches out to a company, a game developers’ group, artists, or studios that have expertise in game development and offer services affordably, allowing it to save some thousands of bucks. Besides, when you outsource the third party’s service for game development, you do not have all the resources and materials needed for game development since the outsourced game development company works virtually. As such, you save yourself of the need and cost to buy the resources, further leading to saving more bucks.

  1. Getting a third party to handle game development tasks saves time

The other benefit of reaching out to an outsourced game dev company to handle some of your game development tasks is that it saves time. How so? Whether you are outsourcing these services because you lack the needed skillsets or for other reasons, you will go for skilled artists, game developers or sign up for a studio with expert game developers. As such, they will try to do the work fast, typically taking a shorter time than the host company would take. This is particularly important in the gaming industry because competition is common, and dilly-dallying with tasks might lead to financial losses.

  1. There are better results in outsourcing game development services since the host works with the right people

Working with the right people in outsourcing game development services does not only help the host or his company save time and reduce cost but also leads to better results. Usually, people with the right skillsets will do their jobs in the best way possible; I mean, you cannot compare novices and veterans in the game dev industry. And that’s exactly what the host company needs because the competition in this does not require guesswork but real results. As such, even the host’s profit margins are automatically expanded since the final game will attract many gamers, generating more income.

  1. Outsourcing game development services helps reduce the associated risks, including compliance and regulatory issues

Seeking the services of a third party for game development may seem more of a shortcut, but it is a wise move that reduces the risks that come with hosting game development tasks in your company. The main risk the host avoids is financial losses, especially when the host company lacks the right skillsets needed to develop the games. He also evades financial losses by not having to buy resources he might have to use only once in a lifetime. As if that’s not enough, the game dev industry has its own rules and compliance issues, which any company developing a game must meet. Thankfully, the host does not feel compelled to subscribe to these requirements, especially now that a third party does the job.

  1. Seeking the services of an outsourced game dev company helps the host company become productive

There is productivity in using the services of an outsourced game development company to perform game dev tasks. Since the tasks are performed remotely elsewhere, and the host company saves cost, it can use the savings for the company’s development. Secondly, the host does not have to buy the resources needed for game development, and he can divert the cash that would be used on resources to something else, further allowing his brand to be more productive. Lastly, working on game dev tasks away from the host company’s premises gives the internal team an easy time and space to work on other revenue-generating tasks, further allowing the host company to be productive.


Seeking the services of a third party is called outsourcing, and the game dev industry is not left behind in this. It has actively considered the services of an outsourced game dev company, consequently accruing many benefits. For instance, the process saves costs and time, reduces risks linked to developing games in the host’s premises, allows the host company to be productive, and ensures high-quality results since the work is done by the right people (or person).