5 Ultimate Ways to Automate your Marketing

If there is any part of a business that is constantly under pressure to perform and deliver quality results and reach new highs, it has to be marketing.

There is hardly any business where the marketing employees don’t complain of working 24*7 and still not achieving the desired results. Bad news, right? Well in the current scenario, no matter what the business is, if it wants to thrive, its marketing game needs to be on-point.  

This is when automation comes in, and makes the whole marketing process more rewarding. Below, we have rounded it all up in 5 quick points, giving you an insight into how automation marketing works.

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  1.   Automate the process of assigning tasks

Delegation plays a very important role in businesses, and whereas what you delegate is important, how you delegate is equally important. For years, the human-driven of delegating and assigning tasks has kept up.

For instance, you have a task for Mr. X in your company, you either email him or call him to your desk. This way is not wrong. An informal way of conducting things always brings a breath of fresh air, but it’s definitely not scalable or even efficient for your business’s future.

Instead, you can employ tools and softwares that help you assign tasks seamlessly. Not only will this integrate accountability amidst employees, but it will also save you time, energy, and effort.

  1.   Automate Time Tracking

As long as you aren’t a daily wage worker, you are definitely not updating your timesheets on a daily basis. Tracking time is important because it gives you insights of information about how much time is needed for a specific project, which would in turn help in scheduling for the future.

Not tracking time accurately or rounding up your hours ruins the whole point! So, to track time accurately, invest in a good project time tracker.

  1.   Automate progress reports

The idea behind this is to build a system that will help you evaluate your project’s health considering many factors like scheduling, completing, time invested, resources invested, tools employed, etc.

How will this help you? Now you can stop writing project progress reports that cost you hours and instead invest that time in other productive tasks.

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  1.   Automate Client Reports

Out of all the things on our list, probably this one is the most nerve-wracking of all, and no matter how smoothly your project is going, reporting to a client is quite stressful. This is the sole reason why you must automate this task. Give your clients access to your project database so that they are always updated with real-time project statuses.

Look at it this way, you place an order from an online retailing giant, like Amazon, which gives you access to real-time tracking of your package. Now they neither have to answer your call regarding their package, yet your purpose is fulfilled. This saves time for both parties and also increases accuracy and efficiency.

  1.   Automate Archiving

Archiving your website is of extreme importance especially in today’s dynamic world. Not only this helps in periodic evaluations but also is a historical record of all your digital assets.

Archiving manually is quite a task and requires a significant time investment. Thus, it’s only wise to automate it as well. You can do it in various ways, but our personal favorite is with a screenshot archiving tool, Stillio, solely designed for this purpose.

Among the many features Stillio comes with, its primary function is to help you automate the entire process of taking screenshots at regular intervals and store it in your chosen location.

Over to you…

In the end, I want to conclude with one last statement: It’s 2021, and tech is more powerful than ever, leverage it and you are sure to achieve greater ROI in your marketing campaigns. To begin with, these are the five areas where you can explore various tools and software that can help you automate it.