9 Facts About Boats That’ll Surprise You

Have you always wanted to know more about boats? From their life expectancy to history, there’s always something new to discover. You may even find yourself booking a trip to Sweden to see one of the most popular warships ever!

Read on to learn 9 facts about boats that’ll surprise you.

1. Ships and Boats Are Not the Same

The bigger of the two is the ship. And in order to qualify as a ship, the vessel’s weight needs to be 500 tonnes or more.

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  1. Compass Credit Goes to the Chinese

Today, ships use high-tech navigational instruments to find their way to the next port. But one of the most interesting boat facts is that compasses came first. And the initial credit for using the compass goes to the Chinese.

  1. The Egyptians Built the First Boats

One of the most fun boat facts is that Egyptians were the first to create floating vessels. While there are many types of boats today, grass and reeds served as the glue to hold together the planks of these early ships.

  1. Christopher Columbus Sailed the First Ship to America

Christopher Columbus was one of just 40 passengers on this ship, too. He and his crew reached the shores of America in 1492.

  1. One of the Interesting Facts about Boats Is Boats Don’t Last Forever

When you see a cruise ship sailing by, you might assume that these massive ships last forever. Actually, they don’t. In fact, even bigger cargo ships could only be sailing across the sea for about 30 years.

Smaller personal sailboats can last up to 40 years. And boats floating on freshwater will last longer than those in saltwater.

  1. 18 Million Boats Float Across America

If you’re thinking about owning a boat, you’re not alone. With 18 million Americans taking to the waters, you’ll have company whether you’re fishing or sailing. These boats are used for both commercial and personal purposes.

  1. Laura Dekker is the Youngest Boater 

Laura Dekker was barely a teenager when she began sailing around the world in 2012. She completed her journey at the age of 16.

She had to learn the ropes to accomplish this great feat. Click here to find some of the best insights from active boaters today.

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  1. A Swedish Boat is One of the Country’s Biggest Attractions

In the 17th-century, a Swedish warship known as Vasa sank. Over 300 years later in 1961, the boat was found — and it’s still in good shape! This warship now sits in a Stockholm museum where it remains one of the country’s biggest attractions.

  1. The Titanic Was the Biggest Object in Its Day

Back when the Titanic set sail in 1912, it was the biggest object ever made by human hands. Sadly, it didn’t last long. The ship sank within just a few days of its journey to New York City.

Learn More Fun Boat Facts

When you learn facts about boats, you might just find yourself curious to learn more. Whether you’re booking a trip to see Vasa or reading up on Laura Dekker, there is a lot to discover. After all, boats have a history dating back thousands of years!

For more intriguing facts to keep you learning, check back for new articles.