4 Of The Best UX Design Portfolios

Having a UX design portfolio is essential if you want to show what you are capable of and what skills you have that can be used to create highly sought-after UX designs. Putting a UX design portfolio can seem intimidating, but we want to help stop that. We have put together this article of the best UX design portfolios that you can use to draw inspiration from.

How To Build The Best UX Design Portfolio

Even if you don’t have any experience working in the industry, you can still build a UX design portfolio that can move and impress the people who look through it. A design portfolio needs to leave a great first impression, be memorable, show your creativity, be unique, have beautiful designs, and offer range.

If you want to build a UX design portfolio, you need to remember this. Don’t let your portfolio feel unoriginal; you need to show what you can do that others cannot. That will make people want to hire you for UX design projects and not other designers. Show them why they should choose you.

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4 Of The Best UX Design Portfolios

Gloria Lo

Gloria Lo makes a bold and flashy first impression on everyone that visits her portfolio website. She describes what she does, and the page’s design shows her personality and what she can do. This makes people want to see more of the portfolio, and they start to browse, and they can’t help but keep looking once they start. This is what a portfolio needs to be. If your UX design portfolio is not doing this, you need to make changes.

You need to deliver all this information to the people looking at the portfolio and make it enjoyable. If you cannot do this, people will not want to know more. Put your spin on your portfolio, not just the UX design, but how you showcase those designs. This is all part of your brand, and you need to keep it consistent and enticing.

2. Elizabeth Lin

Elizabeth Lin showcases what she can do in a creative way that makes people want to see more. She knows how to tell a story with her work, and this is what draws people to her portfolio. The use of visuals supports the narrative that she wants people to know all help contribute to her brand and make her unique portfolio.

The method you choose to show people your portfolio can be as important as having great UX designs. Nobody will see those designs if they aren’t given a reason to provide you with a chance. Make people feel the need to see what you can do, just like Elizabeth Lin does.

Be consistent; this is important; there should be a theme that you are sticking to. Even if your portfolio is filled with various designs, they should all stick to an overall theme that people can still identify. This will help build your brand and help people recognize your work when they see it. You want to make a name for yourself, don’t you?

3. Priyanka Gupta

What makes you stand out from the other UX designers? Can you pinpoint it? If you can’t, then you need to change that. Priyanka Gupta is a talented UX designer that does something that makes her stand out from the crowd. She doesn’t just create unique UX designs; she redesigns bad UX and showcases what the new design looks like.

This shows what she can do and what makes her different from other designers. If she sees evil UX designs, she does something about that and shows people why they should look at her work. Are you doing something like this?

This shows her passion for UX design, which will make people want to hire her. They can see how much she cares about UX design and what lengths she will go if she thinks a UX design is terrible. Does your UX design portfolio show this passion for UX design? If it doesn’t, you need to find out how it can.

You are an individual UX designer, not a UX design studio; you need to make your personality stand out. Why should someone choose to hire you over a UX design studio? It would help if you answered this question for the people looking at your portfolio. It would help if you responded to this question by showing them what you can do.

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4. Daniel Autry

How many UX designs does your portfolio showcase? Daniel Autry only showcases four designs. This is what he wants to do, and he shows people the range that he is capable of when designing. His work covers different sectors, and his designs reflect those sectors beautifully.

It would help if you choose what you want to show to people carefully, don’t put every design you create in your portfolio. Choose the best designs, choose the UX designs that reflect the type of work you want to do. Your portfolio should tell people what you are interested in and passionate about. Showing this will entice people to choose you over a user experience design agency because you share the same interests and passions.


Your design portfolio reflects you, and you need to make sure that your portfolio shows that. When people look at your portfolio, they should learn more about you and what you want. This is how you will stand out and build your brand. Your UX designs need to attract people; they need to be excellent, so people want to stick around and look at what else you can do.