15 Thoughtful & Work-Appropriate Gifts for Your Boss

A great boss deserves an amazing gift. That shows that you appreciate the contribution that they have made to your professional life. Since they are your manager, things can feel tricky. Rory from Promotions Warehouse says your gift should maintain professionalism but still pass across the message that you appreciate their hard work and how they have helped your career growth. 

  • It can be hard finding the perfect gift for your boss. If you get something too personal, things can easily get awkward. If you get something generic, they might think that you didn’t put thought into it. 
  • The perfect gift for your boss should feel familiar but not too familiar. It can reflect some of their interests outside of work.
  • Consider gifting your boss with something practical that will make their work easier.
  • Coffee Mug

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Is your boss a coffee drinker, why not get him a coffee mug with his own business logo on it? This is something that they are bound to appreciate. You can gift them a mug with the words, ‘World’s Best Boss.’ This will show that you value the work they are doing.

  • A Beautiful Frame For Their Desk

Think outside the box and get your boss a beautiful frame for their desk. Make the frame to have an image of their favorite place, memory, or people. Whenever your boss will look at the frame, they will think about you. Alternatively, you can personalize the frame with their photo.

  • Smartphone Stand

Is your boss always on the phone? Why not gift him with an eye-catching and functional smartphone stand? This is something that they might never have thought about. It will free up their hand so that they don’t have to hold their phone much. Your boss will appreciate your ingenuity. 

  • DIY Gift Kit

For the boss who has a lot of hobbies, consider introducing them to a new hobby with a unique DIY gift kit. This will make their weekends more meaningful and will prepare them for another busy day at work.

  • Virtual Helper

Make their work easier with a virtual helper. They will thank you for this. With the Google Nest Mini or Amazon Echo Dot, they will be able to control the volume of their TV, dim the lights, check the weather and perform many other tasks just by using their voice, without moving an inch from their chair. 

  • 3-in-1 Charging Hub

If your boss is the busy type, a charging hub will do the trick. Busy bosses are always at a 1% battery level. With a functional 3-in-1 hub you will help your boss to keep all his mobile gadgets juiced up and ready to use. This is one of the most practical gifts that you can give your boss. 

  • Adjustable Laptop Stand

Most likely, your boss spends a lot of time sitting down and this can lead to back problems. With an adjustable laptop stand, they will be able to work comfortably while standing, which will minimize back problems and enhance productivity. You can find a good adjustable laptop stand for less than $40. 

  • Stress Relief Ball

Being a boss is stressful. There are many things that a boss needs to worry about. With an innovative stress relief ball, you will help your boss to relieve some tension when things get overwhelming. 

  • Hot Sauce Gift Set

For the hot sauce-loving boss, this will make for a dynamite gift. It will help to spice their desk-bound breakfasts and lunches.

  • Brewing Basket

So, your boss is a tea person? This will be the perfect gift for him or her. It will make them effortlessly brew tea, coffee, and herbs, from the comfort of the office.

  • The Best Pens For Their Office

Some bosses love handwritten notes. Such bosses will appreciate a unique collection of pens. This is something thoughtful and functional.

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  • Trendy Olive Oil

If your boss spends a lot of time in the kitchen, they understand the importance of high-quality olive oil. Send them a unique brand of olive oil that will elevate every meal.

  • World’s Smallest Vacuum

A boss who likes keeping their workplace tidy will find this gift practical. It can be plugged into a computer using a USB cable and it will clean everything from lingering desk dust to bread crumbs on the keyboard. 

  • Sophisticated Table Light

Gift your boss a sophisticated table light that will make their office brighter and more elegant. There are many brands to choose from.

The Bottom-Line

Make your boss feel special with a thoughtful gift. Don’t choose a generic gift but also don’t be too personal. Gifting your boss is a potential minefield. However, overspending might make them feel uncomfortable, and spending too little will not achieve anything.

You spend the majority of your time with your boss and co-workers. Gifting them simply shows that you appreciate the good times that you spend with them in and out of the office.