Getting Closer with Nocturnal Animals in Night Safari

While our usual zoo operates from morning to afternoon, this wildlife park starts getting busier when the night falls. The Night Safari is the world’s first nocturnal zoo and is one of the most popular attractions in Singapore both for locals and tourists. It has more than 50 exhibits and 1,000 animals that are grouped into their geographical regions.

It is clear why this wildlife reserve gains so many visitors even though the park itself is dark and not well lit for some areas because to protect the animals, you will have tons of amazing experiences here, lots of awesome things to do and good shows to watch. No wonder people keep their eye on Night Safari promotion to save some money and be able to bring more people to have a visit together.

Well, if you are keen to see how this safari works, you definitely shouldn’t miss these tours. Plan your visit ahead and put these tours on your list. 

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  1. Guided Tram Tours

This is basically the best thing to do to enjoy the wildlife park. You just need to sit down comfortably on the tram and the guide will tell you a lot of awesome information about animals that are seen along the route.

This tram tour will last for 40 minutes and you will be visiting six geographical zones with different animals to spot on; Himalayan Foothills, Indian Subcontinent, Equatorial Africa, Asian Riverine Forest, Nepalese River Valley and Burmese Hillside.

During this tram tour, you can see different animal species and watch out for the guide’s info because some animals are hard to spot unless the guide poins it to you. And the route for this tour is not always bright but can also be done in the darkness of the rainforest. But afraid not, this tour is really fun and you won’t regret it I promise you.

  1. Wildlife walking tours

You can also get close up with the animals by doing the walking tours through the available trails. There are four trails here with a variety of animals to see. Check out what kind of animals you can see in each trail on the description below.

  • Wallaby Trail. In this trail, you can see animals from Australia, New Guinea and New Zealand. You can easily spot barn owls, possums, and wallabies here. There is no cage in this trail, only a moat and low fence. But fret not, it is safe to walk this trail, so no need to worry about hopping wallabies here and there. Sugar gliders are also present in this trail.
  • East Lodge Trail. In this trail, you can see wild African and Asian animals such as the Malayan tigers, sloth bears, serval cats, hyena, babirusas, anoas and bongos. Unlike the Wallaby Train, in this trail all the animals are inside glass-fronted enclosures, so it is safe to go walking on the pathway here.
  • Leopard Trail. If you love wild animals like lions and leopards, this trail is perfect for you. You can get a glimpse of nocturnal animals here, including porcupines, civets, golden cats, Sri Lankan leopards and clouded leopards. You can also meet the other residents here, like eagle owls, fruit bats and flying squirrels.
  • Fishing Cat Trail. This trail is home to furry predators like fishing cats and striped hyenas. If you are lucky, you can witness how they hunt their prey for dinner. You can also see binturongs, Asian otters, pangolins, mousedeer and many more. 

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So if you are planning to visit Singapore someday after everything is better and we are free to have cross border flights, don’t forget to put Night Safari on your Singapore itinerary. You won’t regret it. In fact because their close proximity, you can visit Singapore Zoo, River Safari and Night Safari in one day. You’ll be so tired but it will worth it. Or you can save Singapore zoo for another day and visit River Safari and Night Safari in same day. 

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