13 Ways to Save Time on Manual Cross Browser Testing

Are you looking for optimum ways for cross browser testing that saves time? Before knowing the effective ways to do so, you need to have a little knowledge of manual cross-browser testing. Do read this article thoroughly to know more about the topic. 

Here you will get the perfect piece of knowledge on the top 13 ways to save time on manual cross-browser testing and its advantages. Cross-browser testing helps verify the website in several formats to ensure that your website is ready to go online. This testing depends upon the operating system, platforms, browsers, resolutions, and devices. 

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What is Cross-Browser Testing? Why is it Important?

The user experience wholly depends on the web application, and therefore it is an integral part of the website. Without a web application, the users won’t experience any content or enjoy an organizations’ perks. Users tend to come back to the website or use the application when they find it informative, attractive, and helpful. Therefore a developer needs to gather every element in the correct order to make all the ends meet. 

When an application or website runs poorly or takes too long to open, it brings down morality. The users are likely to uninstall the app or never visit the website ever. So upgrading the user experience for both web application and website is essential. This means you need to double-check your website or application before the users, so there are no chances of failure. A website must also provide digital confidence and a good user experience to the customers that make them loyal to the organization. 

Manual and Automated Testing: The Difference

Before testing the website, you need to confirm the type of test you will conduct, which is manual and automated. A manual tester is available in manual testing to check the website step-by-step and not use the automated script. When a manual force is behind the screen, it helps in ensuring perfect testing of the website. 

Sometimes in automated testing, some minor or even significant sectors are left behind that can cause issues. Moreover, in manual testing, elements such as look, feel, experience, and usability are also tested. This helps in increasing the user experience and digital confidence. 

In automated testing, the test is executed by using commercial frameworks and tools. It helps in curtaining the release cycles and also transfers the code faster. Professionals recommend using both steps according to the needs because it helps in providing the best results. 

Now let’s see the top 13 effective ways of manual cross-browser testing that help in saving time.

What are 13 Ways to Save Time on Manual Cross Browser Testing?

In this section, 13 effective ways are recommended in manual cross-browser testing that will save a considerable amount of time. 

Code Linters

As every web application has its specific coding languages, it is essential to lint the source with the static analysis tool. Due to this sole reason, professionals recommend code linter, and it is used all over the world. Identifying the codes just by going through them is very difficult. Therefore it is essential to execute the source code with the code analyzers. 

This noble tool helps in validating the compatibility of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. Moreover, it also facilitates the user to install the linter in your local computers.

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CSS Prefixes

The browser vendors use CSS Prefixes or CSS Vendor Prefixes to add new CSS characteristics to the website before it becomes mainstream. You need these features in a web application or website to develop an optimum result. Sometimes the website must incorporate the older as well as, the more recent browser versions. Therefore your CSS codes must gel with prefixed and unprefixed regulations. Moreover, you can also add new layout features by using the CSS Flexbox tool. 

Parallel Testing

In parallel testing or parallel module development, the entire testing process is much faster than serial testing. Parallel testing does not depend on the testing strategies and therefore renders the maximum results. If you want parallel testing, you need to develop test scripts that allow cross-browser testing on different browsers, operating systems, and devices. Using the Selenium WebDriver provides a human approach in the testing process. 

Cross Browser Testing on Clouds

One of the most non-scalable and feasible approaches for manual testing is cross-browser testing on clouds. This requires devices of different Android flavors. If you want to set up a testing infrastructure for several devices, operating systems, or browsers, it needs high investment. Else you can opt to have all the functionalities tested on the cloud services. It will give you the freedom to set up the colossal infrastructure. 

Unit Testing

In the unit testing, all the developers’ changes in the initial stage are uplifted. It does not depend on the programming language. If there is any change in the codes at the unit stage, this testing helps notify the developers. The manual testing ensures a detailed survey of the codes, and therefore it depends on the TDD or Test Driven Development. When developers and designers run TDD, it helps them connect and craft the codes resulting in an innovative web application and website. 

Concentrate on Accessibility Testing

A product needs to appeal to a vast range of people, even the disabled ones. If the product is appealing to people having color blindness, hearing impairments, etc., it means your product is excellent. Therefore remember to cater to accessibility testing. Testers running these tests need to have a clear perspective and knowledge about the test and the development. 

Crowdsourced Testing

Another manual cross-browser testing that saves a considerable amount of time is crowdsourced testing. In this case, if you do not have internal resources for testing, you can hire a tester on signed agreements such as NDA or Non-Disclosure Agreement. Depending on the product as well as the tester requirement, you can hire them. Nowadays, several companies are using this technique to have their products tested at a minimal cost. In this NDA, the information of the product and the identification of the tester are kept confidential. 

Hire Professional Testers

You can also hire professional testers to test the features and characteristics of the product. It needs a high requirement to fit into developers’ shoes, and therefore you need to handpick them. The product developers can run unit testing, but not for the final product, as they might provide biased results. If this is not possible, you can hire developers who have a flair for testing and train them to carry out the tests. 

Reusing the Components

As the software revolution has taken place mainly in open-source software, it provides various tools to run the test for maximum results. The open-source product helps the developers to use modules that are open-sourced. Remember all the components, such as tracks and tools that developers use while developing and testing the products. This ensures that there is no duplication. 

Focus on Task

The browser developers fix these bugs from time to time, and you get it through the periodical updates. Sometimes an update in the browser may not provide any advantage in testing as cross-browser testing depends on devices, operating systems, and resolutions. Therefore, you need to be conscious and decide whether to run the test on the same browser for different operating systems. 

Testing at Each Stage

As a developer, you need to have a certain mindset to carry out periodic testing to ensure that all the bugs in the development period are being settled. However, these criteria lead to time consumption but make your product optimum. You need not depend on others to judge your product and redo the things again later. When working on complex functionality, it is better to divide the test plan into various segments. You can also use CodePen as a social development platform for front-end developers.

Use Web Analytics

It becomes impossible for developers to provide time to test their websites over each browser. Therefore you need to develop web analytics that focuses on the most preferred browser used by the users. If your test surrounds a particular browser, you will have a better website than the others. Web analytics help to find out the most used browser by the people so that your website has fewer bugs and glitches in the online platforms. 

Use Breakpoints

In the breakpoint criteria, it has two perspectives, namely, the developers and designers’ perspective. From the developers’ perspective, the media-query is the breakpoint, whereas the breakpoint surrounds change in the content and its presentation from the designers’ perspective. This makes the work easier and therefore saves a great deal of time.

Innovative Way to Perform Manual Cross-browser Testing with LambdaTest

Cross-browser testing helps the developers to ensure that the application can run on multiple browsers and operating systems. Various parts of automated testing are impossible to automate. For instance, a machine can’t imitate human interaction. Moreover, it is impossible to perform cross-browser testing of the visual elements without the human eyes. There are various platforms that developers can use to perform manual cross-browser testing.

The testers can perform manual cross-browser testing with LambdaTest. It is a platform to perform cross-browser testing on a combination of 2000+ browsers & OS. Using LambdaTest, developers and testers can test the application in a secure and reliable testing environment. Millions of users around the world trust LambdaTest to perform manual cross-browser testing on the web application. LambdaTest helps users to conduct all the redundant processes involved in manual cross-browser testing. In turn it helps to reduce a lot of time in the development and testing process. In simple terms, LambdaTest ensures that the developers can develop, test, and deliver high-quality applications to their end-users

Developers and testers can also use the selenium test scripts to perform automated testing of their web application. 

Final Words

Here are the 13 most important manual cross-browser testing that helps save time and deliver the market’s maximum results. Moreover, performing manual cross-browser testing provides perfect websites, but sometimes the automated methods are also necessary.