Grunge aesthetic is about comfort but not how well-dressed you look

The original grunge style is comfortable and functional, but at the same time it’s a very chaotic and frivolous vibe that combines the “I don’t care” attitude with punk-style elements and working class clothes. Entered the musical industry in the late 80s, bands like Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden have shaped this rebellious aesthetic: cheap, bulky and slatternly clothes were the main elements.

Grunge aesthetic is about comfort but not how well-dressed you look. Try to combine different layers to be one step closer to the grunge look. According to the motto “what is allowed is permissible”, the rules of a multi-layered outfit are often not implemented within the bounds of this style: short items go over the long ones as well as the miniature ones over the bulky ones.

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Such clothing articles as flannels, baggy shirts, beanies and combat boots are generally considered to be the most relatables about the grunge aesthetic. Besides trendy features like holes, incisions, abrasions, scratched shoes, wrinkled messy shirts, purposely aged and oversized clothes are its distinctive features of this aesthetic.

Plus, band T-shirts, acid-wash jeans, tank tops, and leather biker jackets are also used, which drew inspiration from punk culture. The grunge boots are usually big and smooth.

The main colors of the grunge-look refer to dramatic palettes and also dull shades. It is also desirable to avoid too bright colors, give preference to casual clothing and wear a lot of black. Any elements that are washed out are an imperfection which is basic for the style.

Thus, if you’re intended to make a solid grunge look, you need to combine the key elements with the basic ones. For example, you can try to wear a large shirt over a long-sleeved sweater and finish the look with baggy jeans.

Ripped jeans are probably the most popular element of the grunge style. It is no secret that the ripped jeans you buy are usually different from the ones you rip

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yourself. For this reason It’s better if you tear and rip your clothes yourself for a more authentic look. Anyway, it’s no problem to find old, ripped jeans in thrift stores. Washed out and worn loosy jeans are also suitable. In summer, it is best to rip off denim shorts.

Another most recognisable thing within the style is a flannel shirt which is declared to be a must-have if you’re intended to create a grunge look. The flannel was cheap in the early 90s and became very popular as a grunge-look clothing element. Flannel shirts of simple colors are suitable for all genders, but remember to choose oversized ones.