Why You Want As Many TikTok Followers As Possible

In the world of social media, there are several metrics that are of paramount importance if you want to track your popularity. Likes and engagement are incredibly important, of course, but one of the most critical numbers you always need to keep an eye on is that of your followers. There are plenty of reasons why you’ll always want a high follower count on social media platforms, and nowhere is this more true than on TikTok, where your followers and likes effectively constitute your entire presence on the platform. Here’s why, if you want to become successful on social media, you’ll need to make sure you have as many followers as possible.

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It’s hard to get followers organically

To put it simply, racking up followers on TikTok is very difficult. You’ll need to put in a huge amount of work, and you’ll often see little reward in return. That’s why many influencers and other social media presences often buy TikTok followers in order to enhance their follower count. Paradoxically, one of the biggest reasons you want so many followers is precisely because followers are so hard to obtain; they’re a rare resource in the world of TikTok, and having more followers means others will know that you’ve “made it”, so to speak. However, it’s difficult to get followers simply by creating content, so buying organic followers can be an excellent way to make sure that your content is seen.

Without followers, nobody will see your content

You could be creating the greatest TikTok content the world has ever seen, but without followers, it simply won’t matter. If you don’t have people regularly following you for updates, then nobody is going to see the content you’re creating. It’s worth bearing in mind that despite this problem, your effort is never wasted; TikTok doesn’t delete old content, so when you do start amassing followers, they’ll be able to look back over your profile and see the things you’ve created in the past. However, it never feels good to create content you’ve worked hard on only for nobody to see it or engage with it, so you’re going to need followers.

Followers mean collaboration offers

If you’re a budding influencer, you’re going to get many, many more offers of collaboration from brands and businesses if you have a higher follower count. This is because brands don’t want to give their products away for free if they’re not going to see a return in terms of increased sales as a result of the collaboration. The more followers you have, the more likely they are to go and buy the product you’re endorsing. Of course, as an influencer, you should be making sure your content is never overly promotional or commercialised, but the fact remains that brands are a major source of income for influencers, and the more followers you have, the truer this becomes.

If you’re a brand, you don’t exist without followers

As the representative for a brand on TikTok, you might as well be shouting into the void if your account doesn’t have any followers. All of your marketing efforts as a brand revolve around being heard and listened to by as many TikTok users as possible, so if you don’t have followers, there isn’t anyone to respond to your ad campaigns or marketing tactics. Unfortunately, if you are a brand representative, it can be even harder to garner followers on TikTok than it is for influencers; people are naturally skeptical of brands and corporations on a platform like TikTok, being as it prizes authenticity and community over all else.

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Engagement doesn’t happen without followers

You won’t be able to shore up the kind of engagement that leads to real, lasting brand recognition if you don’t have any followers. As a TikTok influencer – or, indeed, a brand – you should be seeking out and responding to as many intelligent and well-worded comments as you can. Of course, you shouldn’t entertain the trolls; some people simply want to leave comments in order to get attention, and the last thing you want to do is feed that desire. However, many of your followers will have legitimate questions or feedback, so you should try to make sure you respond to that where you can. More followers means more potential for that kind of engagement!

Having followers means staying relevant

As an influencer, the last thing you want is to fade into obscurity. Your brand is your career, so if you don’t have followers to reinforce your popularity and relevance, you may fade away. Of course, it’s important that those followers are real people and not bots or fake accounts; those accounts may as well not exist at all, given how much they’re likely to engage with you. Still, having a higher follower count means you’re sticking around and bringing your content to as many people as possible, and that’s a big part of your identity and success as a TikTok influencer. Remember: if you don’t have followers, you’re just shouting into the void!

This has been our guide on why we think shoring up as many TikTok followers as possible is important to achieving success on the platform. Are you starting up a new TikTok account? What tips do you have for people who want to amass as many followers as possible?