How To Get Google Forex VPS for FREE and Install MT4/MT5

Nah, it’s real, instead of free for life, it’s a free trial for 12 months. Google has been offering

free trials on cloud services since I believe 2014. Like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web

Service too, they are offering free trial as well. You can create and use a VPS for free without

getting charged until your credit expired. It looks complex and it is, for starter because

there’s aren’t any guidelines to follow therefore I will try to explain everything you, as a

starter should know it will be a lengthy post. What?? Out of the 3 options, Google Cloud

Services is the most recommended option, simply because the server available is not limited

only to the United States. And Google has the fastest server available.

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We will continue this explanation later. I guess there are articles out there already that

teaches you how to install Meta Trader on a VPS but never told you, how can you avoid

automatic restart due to Windows Updates and so? So your automatic trading robot or

expert advisor get reset as well.

Anyway, let’s… Start. So before registering a Tryrdp Service account, you are required. A

Gmail account. And a credit card debit card doesn’t work. Then, have your web browser

open, I’m using opera by the way and I love it. Anyway, go to the search box,

type, Google Cloud It seems it’s appearing on the 1st result. Click it. You want to click “Get

started for free” Now agree on the terms and condition erm, otherwise. For the account

type select Individual since you’re not a business, cooperation, organization, or something

else. Fill in all necessary information, I will be skipping this since it’s not a difficult task.

Click the Start My Free Trial Welcome Ben! A random name. Thanks for signing up! Why not!

It’s free! Your free trial includes $300 in credit to spend over the next 12 months. If you run

out of credit, don’t worry you WILL be billed because to use Compute Engine. You are

required to switch on the automatic billing. When credits run out you have to manually close

the billing account, or delete the VPS. We will continue this later. Got it? So generally we are

using Google Cloud Service solely for VPS and maybe other Virtual Machine that is located

on Compute Engine.

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Anyway, Click “Go To Compute Engine “Compute Engine is getting ready. This may take a

minute or more, generally 3 minutes done click “Create” This is the free trial credit I was

given, varies between local currencies due to currency conversion. The Region here is the

server location. Select one that’s nearest to your country. Singapore for me. You don’t want

to pick a server far from you simply because of the response rate, we call it ping rate or

latency if you like, will be higher, The ping rate to Google Server was something like 20ms

that was like 0.02 second per response between your computer and the Google server.

Which is almost instant it’s by far the best server that could be found in the world. Zone,

pick anyone. It doesn’t matter. We have the Machine Type here. Generally, Meta Trader is

enough to be powered with a 1.7 GB memory. I do notice there are some expert advisor, I

mean some. Consume more RAM usage. Due to opening more charts and required more


calculation. And therefore required a larger memory. Of course the higher the spec you pick,

the higher the cost it is. Look at the price here. And it has yet to account for the Windows

License fee. That will be double the price. On the boot disk option here, click change, Instead

of Debian a nice operating system, we want to install windows. On the Operating System,

click for the dropdown menu. And click Windows Server.

On Version, click Windows Server 2012. Uhm, you may try 2016 or 2019 if you like but I

usually picked the oldest version simply because of compatible issues. You know. I forgot to

record and show you the changes on the price estimation make sure to pay attention that

the price estimation so you get an idea to estimate how long you will get charged before

your credits run out. Oops our server failed to launch, it’s not supported on the free trial

service. We have to enable automatic billing first.

Click “View Billing Report” My Billing Account” “Manage Billing Account” My Billing

Account”, again. There’s a word, “Upgrade” here. And where your trial credit was listed as

well. Click it. Uhm, to be able to use the VPS, you are required to upgrade your account, it

simply means enable automatic billing. So, “You won’t be charged until after your free

credits run out or expire (whichever comes first). Click “Upgrade”. Bookmark this page if you

will, to constantly check if the free credits run out. Click on the notification button and click

“Retry” The server will be prepared this time. Back to Compute Engine, VM instances. Wait a

few minutes and refresh the page. It should be showed up now.

This External IP here, is your server’s IP address, copy it down. Then, Click “Instance-1” You

have to create a password, so click “Set Windows Password” This is your username, copy it

down. Click “Set” and wait. It takes a while. This is your VPS password. Copy it down. So, you

have the VPS ready, you have its login detail now you just need to connect it. I’m not sure

about MAC users. But for Windows users, open the start menu and type remote desktop

connection. Open it. By default when connected, you will be entering full-screen mode, we

don’t want that. Click “Show Options”.

Go to Display Tab Adjust the display size you feel comfortable with, some still prefer full

screen. Back to the General tab and paste your VPS login detail. “Allow me to save

credentials.’ Enter the password, do not remember me if you’re using a public computer.

Don’t ask me again for connections to this computer. Welcome! To Windows Server 2012

provided for free by Google Cloud Server. Thank you, Google! Now first you have to disable

the IE Enhanced Security Configuration. Otherwise, you are not allowed to use Internet

Explorer, to download.. other browser… Chrome. Now I tried to download Meta Trader 4

from their official website instead they gave me Meta Trader 5. So I downloaded it on and

Installing. There you go. That’s the Meta Trader 4.

You can install the expert advisor you wanton this server without getting interrupted by

disconnection. The next thing to do is the disable the Windows Update to prevent

unnecessary restarts by… Windows. Now Right clicks the Taskbar and opens the Task

Manager. Expand the Menu by clicking “More details” Click “Services”. Sort by Name on

Name. Yeah. There’s this, wuauserv which stands for Windows Update. Right-click and Stop

service. Repeat again by going to Open Services.


Look for Windows Update. Double click to get the properties window showed up. On the

startup type, switch it to “Disabled”. Apply it, and you are now safe from the forceful restart.

And do a double confirm by going back to Task Manager, Service, to see if Windows Update

is stopped. Good? Good. The next thing we want to do is lock the IP Address. Google Cloud

service tends to switch the VPS’s IP address when your machine is restarted.

It’s frustrating because whenever you’re connecting back to your VPS, you are required to

enter the same old looking password and a newly created IP address, over and over again.

So back to Google Cloud Service. Expand the Tab Menu from the left. Search for VPC

Network Click External IP Addresses Click Ephemeral, and switch it to static. Give a random

name like ABC if you want to. Lastly Congrats! For following this far with me, everything is

now done. So to connect back to the VPS, just open the start menu.

Type “Remote Desktop Connection”. Your saved VPS with it’s IP address will be listed here.

Click it and viola. I believe you’re able to configure the remaining stuff yourself so, I will leave

it to you. This will be the end of the post, if you like this article, share as much as, and leave

me a question on the comment box if you have one.

Do consistent check if your credits run out, you may not want to pay for the maintenance

fee, if so Google charges around 50 to 100%expensive than most offered VPS outside, but

it’s worth it if you don’t want your trades to get interrupted, unlike other cheap VPS. They

disconnect very frequently. But there is one company that provides trading vps like Google

Cloud at very cheap prices with reliable servers there uptime is almost close to 100% do

check out these guys. Thankyou so much