Why You Must Price Retail Products Using AI-Powered Solutions

AI is more widespread than people would like to believe and it is paving the way into the retail industry too. Retail is driven by many factors and one of them is the price. Customers pay attention to price and according to numerous studies, consumers care more about price than they admit. But pricing is a tough nut to crack because it is so easy to get it wrong. And your customers won’t forget your mistakes so easily because they know they have other options such as your competitors. The only way to emerge victorious consistently is to use an AI-powered pricing software solution to set prices.

But why AI? Here are the major reasons why.

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Eliminates Biases And Guesses

Regardless of how advanced humankind is we all are prone to biases and this does affect the decision-making process. But in pricing products, biases won’t work and guesswork is a strict no-no. You can only rely on powerful systems that consider numerous factors before predicting pricing. This is where an AI pricing software solution such as Inoptimizer by Intelligence Node works wonders. It helps to eliminate biases and guesswork because it uses algorithms to unlock patterns and make predictions accordingly. Every pricing decision you make is a smart one which means it is devoid of human error and bias.

Helps Set Correct Prices

You don’t want to fall into the trap of providing low prices always so much so that your customers start to doubt your credibility. Instead of mimicking giants, you can increase your profit margins with the help of an AI pricing software solution. You can maintain your brand reputation by ensuring your prices are consistent with your brand image and you can meet your customer’s expectations. Customer expectations and needs are volatile. An AI solution is the best and more effective way to set correct prices at the right times. It helps you make use of every opportunity so you can increase profits and revenue.

Provides Deep Insights

An AI dynamic pricing software for ecommerce enables you to test scenarios so you are not directly implementing price changes. Instead, you can see how different price points affect customers and how their demand can vary. Some products have high price sensitivity while others not so much. With an AI pricing tool, you can understand the maximum your customers are happily willing to pay and you can set the price at that without driving them away. Crucial insights like these can help you make informed decisions rather than random ones that can strongly affect your bottom line. An AI solution provides valuable insights by combing through big data which is more reliable.


Not Only About The Past

A solid AI pricing software solution doesn’t only predict the best pricing based on how the price changes affected customer behavior in the past. It takes the current market scenario into account and the competition movements too. This helps it suggest a valid and trustworthy prediction that you can then use for pricing your products. An AI price optimization solution helps you understand how you can optimally price across different product categories thereby helping you to reduce costs and ensure different products are priced right. This can be challenging for humans but for an AI solution, it is possible.

An AI-embedded pricing software solution is an urgent need if you want to compete with the likes of online giants such as Amazon. It helps you monitor price movements and helps you make accurate pricing decisions in real-time so you are leaving no stone unturned. This can help increase your profit margins considerably while keeping your existing customers and helping you gain new ones. Price optimization should be a priority along with assortment planning because that is the only way you can help keep costs down and profits up. Tools such as Intelligence Node’s Inoptimizer help you get what you need neatly and understandably so you can make pricing decisions easily.