Why should I choose MBBS in Russia?

Russia today features among the well developed nations in the entire world. The education infrastructure has been focused upon so meticulously that Russia has become a foreign education hotspot. At present, Russia has become the top destination for pursuing medical studies especially for Indian students. The reason is the world-class standards of medical universities in Russia with a very affordable cost of living.

Emerging as one of the fastest growing nations of the world, Russia, as mentioned before, is focusing a lot in the development of universities, especially medical universities, so as to maintain its advantage among foreign education destinatiopns. Furthermore, Russia has proudly announced that out of the top 100 medical universities in the list of WHO’s “Directory of medical schools”, 30 universities are from Russia. Doubtlessly, the Indian students who have completed their MBBS from Russia are now working at leading hospitals, worldwide.

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Each year 1000s of students from all across the globe travel to Russia in order to pursue MBBS. Moksh has also played a role in assisting a multitude of students to find their dream careers in Medicine by sending them to an established Government Russian Medical University. Since the medical universities to which Moksh sends you are all accredited by world’s major organizations like WHO, Medical councils of many countries (UK, USA, Australia, Middle east, Canada, etc.) and UNESCO, you have the liberty to practice anywhere as a doctor. Needless to say, India is one of them.

In addition to this, the duration of MBBS in Russia is 6 years and the medium of instruction is English. Therefore, Indians prefer going to Russia as they need not to learn a new language at all. Undoubtedly, MBBS in Russia is the best option for Indian students because the tuition fee is super affordable as compared to other countries. Also, the quality of education you get here is unbeatable and very much similar to what you get in UK, USA, etc.

Here are some of the reasons for why you should choose to pursue MBBS from Russia:

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  1.     The admission process is hassle-free and quite simple.
  2.     All of the top medical universities to which Moksh sends you, are accredited by UNESCO, WHO and medical councils of many countries.
  3.     The cost of living in Russia is reasonably low and affordable plus you get to experience the European life standard.
  4.     The medium of instruction is English for MBBS at the top medical universities of Russia (which Moksh selects for you)
  5.     The medical education is not confined to the walls of university classrooms; instead you get to experience the practical learning, conferences and seminars as well.
  6.     Sports and extra-curricular activities are also organized at regular intervals so as to ensure recreation of the students.
  7.     The dormitories/hostels and other accommodation for medical students in Russia is fully-furnished and highly secured with basic facilities so as to ensure a good study environment.
  8.     As already mentioned, Russia is appreciated well for its world class medical universities offering MBBS which is better as compared to many other abroad destinations for medical education.
  9.     You can always come back to India after completing MBBS in Russia and can practice here as a doctor after clearing NEXT.