How to Install LED Strip Lighting – An easy way 

If you are looking to add colors and fineness to your rooms, hotels and any seating area, domestic or commercial LEDs are a good choice. If you have no idea how to install LED lights, don’t worry you have got our back, this article will provide you all details and step to install LEDs lights, these lights are being used worldwide because of their efficiency, color options and brightness, day by day LED strip lights are becoming cheaper in prices, easy to install, easily available and they give more light as compare to other lights by consuming even less electricity.

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I’m going to tell you what parts are required to install LED strip lights and how to connect these parts easily. First you must have LEDs lights, you can find LED strip lights of your choice at  , as there is no rocket science involved in installing led-strip-lights, I will clear all the question going on in your mind regarding this, at the end of this piece of reading you will be able to install it on your own without any professional. 

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Here below is a list of what you need to install   

  • led-strip-lights
  • Solderless clamps 
  • Low voltage cable 
  • Controller 
  • Power supply 
  • Remote 
  • Other tools

LED strip Lights

We need led-strip-lights themselves they come in rolls and you can buy them in many sizes, colors and you even cut them easily depending on size where you want to install it.

Solderless clamps 

You will need these clamps for LED light strips, it has two sides, you have to put LED light strip on one side and close it and on the second side you will put electric supply wire and close the clamp very easily, in short, all you need to do is put the wire and strip, push them down and your connection is made. 

Low voltage cable 

Then you need a low voltage cable that may contain 4 to 5 wires with different colors like black, white, blue, red, and green and power supply as well.


The controller will help you change the colors of the LED lights for instance color to color and color to white and vice versa. 

Power supply 

It usually takes 120V AC and convert the current to 12 volts dc that way you will power the lights. 

As these LED lights take a 12-volt direct current so can connect them directly with solar plates to brighten up your room.


Remote adds to your comfort which lets you change the colors, dim the lights and choose which channel is on and off etc.


The only tools you need are 

  • a wire stripper 
  • small flat-head screwdriver 

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Method to install LED strip lighting 

  1. First, you need to measure the length of the area where you want to install these LED lights. 
  2. Clean the installation point, make sure the surface is clean and well balanced, if not then clean it with warm water and let the surface get dry any grime left behind would deter the LEDs from sticking, remove the moisture left over, give the surface 30 to 46 minutes to dry. 
  3. Peel the adhesive back and press the LED strip in place there you go just make sure LEDs are in the right place so that you don’t have to move them later, if the strip won’t stick to the surface then you have to clean the surface again if it won’t work you can use tape or clips to place the LED strip in place.
  4. Then cut the LED strip lights to the required length to make sure you are cutting along the line right through the context. If you cut anywhere else, the strip won’t work. copper dots are there so that you can connect the strip to anything still to work. 
  5. Then push the LED strip into the short side of the solderless clamp and press it down and you can give it a little pinch with your wire strippers to tight it up and make sure the side clips engage. 
  6. Now get a length of wire then you have to peel wire and put them into the wire side of the solderless clamps just make sure the wire fits and corresponds with the letter with the LED strip. 
  7. What you need to do is to peel the other side of the wire and loosen all of the set screws of the controller and then again match up the color wire with the corresponding letter into the controller and tighten up the connection.
  8. Now if you are plugging into 12 volts like direct current from solar plates 

you will put positive and negative wires to the respective holes of the controller 

  1. You can also give it power supply from a charge of your laptop which is a step-down transformer which convert 230volts ac to 12-volt direct current. 
  2. If you don’t want to use the controllers you can use other devices in which you just have to insert the LED strip on one side and give power supply to the other side that all but the controller is recommended you always have the option to change the lights to different available colors it adds to the beauty of the house, and commercial workplaces.