What You Should Know About Coffee Beans

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages worldwide. People love it for different reasons. Some just like the taste of it while others consume it to help them stay alert during activities that require long hours of concentration. 

If you are a lover of this drink, then you probably already know a thing or two about coffee beans. If not, don’t worry. This article will shed some light on the topic. Here are the important things that you should know. Also, checkout colonyclubdc for more information.

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  • They are roasted differently

Roasting is one of the processes that the beans are subjected to before they can be used for brewing. It affects the taste of the final product and so it is done differently depending on the desired flavor. 

When it is intended that the final flavor should have the original taste of the coffee they are roasted lightly. This is usually the case for high quality beans with great flavor. The process is cheap since it doesn’t take a lot of time and heat.

Medium roasting is used for producing balanced beans with regards to the level of acidity and original taste. The color changes to brown. This method is popular for commercial production. 

The third technique is referred to as dark roasting. They are heated until the compounds start to change. It results to beans that have a dark-scorched color and low levels of acidity. 

The original flavor is subdued by the artificial taste brought about by the strong heating. Although the taste can be bitter, it is a good method for concealing the highly unpleasant flavor of poor-quality beans. Different roasting techniques can be used together to create a customized blend.

  • They are of different types

There is a variety of strains of the coffee plant thus the beans are also different. They can be put into two broad classes namely, Arabica and Robusta. These two are distinct in terms of shape, size, and taste. 

Arabica is generally considered to be of a more refined nature than its counterpart. It has a sweet flavor, low acidity, and low levels of caffeine which are attributes preferred by most people. It is laborious to produce considering the amount of work that goes in the farming process. The conditions required for proper growth are delicate and the yield is relatively low.

Robusta, on the other hand, is described to have a bitter taste. This can be attributed to the level of concentration of its contents which is affected by the conditions for growth. It also contains lots of caffeine which is good for the people who consume coffee to stay awake. 

The production process is relatively easy in comparison to Arabica. The yields are also high, which is one of the reasons why it is sold at a cheaper price than Arabica. See this link to find out more https://coffeeaffection.com/different-types-coffee-beans/.

  • It should be stored in cool and dry conditions

To ensure that much of the original flavor is preserved, the storage environment should be free of moisture, heat, and oxygen. 

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  • The concentration of caffeine can be reduced

Presence of caffeine discourages some people from drinking coffee due to health complications. Its nature as a stimulant makes it bad for people with conditions such as anxiety. 

Also, regular consumption of large amounts of coffee can result in caffeine dependency. Therefore, some people choose to drink beverages with as little amount of caffeine as possible. 

This is made possible by the decaffeination process. It can achieve reduction with levels as high as 99.9%. However, the downside is that it interferes with the original composition and in the process some desirable compounds might be lost. Also, it makes the whole production procedure to be costly. Click here to read more.


The type of coffee beans used for brewing will greatly affect the flavor of the drink. This is not only determined by the variety, but it is also influenced by factors such as the level of roasting. A low level will preserve the original state to a greater extent than a high level of roasting. As such, the former allows the original flavor to be dominant while the latter will make the acquired taste dominant. For a well-balanced composition, different levels of roasting are combined together.