NEET exam is basically an entrance exam conducted by NTA for almost all the medical courses and colleges. This exam is generally considered as difficult by most students but if your preparation is efficient, you will be able to achieve a good rank in your NEET examination. If your goal is crystal clear of choosing your career as a doctor or nurse, you might have to start preparing for the NEET Exam from your class 11. Now you have prepared for two years and it’s the last day before your NEET Exam, here is what you should do. 

Stay away from stress as much as you can as it will bring you no good. This exam will just be an opportunity to prove yourself if your preparation was sufficient to crack it in your first attempt. Relax as you have studied a lot since your two years. Give yourself a well-deserved four hours break on your last day before the NEET Exam. Try to take deep breaths if you feel nauseous or anxious. Don’t let stress enter your brain, you will end up forgetting the important concepts which you will eventually regret later. Keep a positive mindset throughout the day. Talk yourself out of all the negativity of “what ifs” like what if I can’t crack my exam in the first attempt or what if I don’t know the answer of any of the questions or what if the level of difficulty is too high. Know that you will be able to appear for your NEET Exam more than one time. You have to push past others in order to keep your goal sustaining. 

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Don’t call any of your friends who are also appearing for the NEET Exam like you. They will stress you out by asking you difficult questions and if by chance you don’t know the answer to that particular question, you will get demotivated, and however, this will affect your brain approach during the exam. If you want your friend’s reassurance, call your friends who are not appearing for the NEET Exam, they will be able to motivate you better than them. Talk to your parents and siblings to help your brain feel less anxious. Your parents have seen you preparing for your NEET Exam better and worse, so they will be able to understand how important it is to keep you stress-free just the day before the exam. Don’t discuss anything related to your studies or your exam tomorrow. Your four-hour break should be very relaxing for your mind. In those four hours, forget that you have an important exam tomorrow. 

After your four-hour break, take out your notes and give a quick reading. Don’t try to start a new topic to study in detail. Your notes might consist of all the highlighted or marked important keywords, try to only read them when you are doing a quick revision. Instead of reading complex or difficult topics, try to revise the theoretical ones first. This keeps them fresh in your mind while attempting the exam, and sometimes from these chapters, you will see those questions which you haven’t expected at all due to its ease level. 

As you already know, your NEET Exam will be divided into three subjects: Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. So here is how much time you should give them for the last day of your preparation time. 

For the subject of Biology, you will have to go through your main highlighted keywords. Take out your NCERT and go through the labeling of every diagram very carefully and attentively. Give a quick revision for all the important scientific names and also the rules of scientific naming. This topic may seem very easy to prepare but many times such types of questions are seen in NEET exams consecutively. The whole process of revising Biology subjects will take approximately three hours. 

After spending three hours on revising your subject of Biology, take a break of 15-30 minutes and start with Chemistry. The most feared branch of Chemistry for students is Inorganic chemistry due to its large theoretical portion of groups 15,16 and 17 group elements of the periodic table. However, in-class 12 organic chemistry, you will see two chapters namely Polymers and Chemistry in Everyday Life with lots of theoretical and scoring concepts. Along with revising all the name reactions and exceptions, quickly go through all your notes. Chemistry will take up approximately 2.5 hours of your day. 

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After a break of another half an hour, start revising all the formulas and derivations of Physics. Go through all the statements, hypotheses, and important questions along with all the diagrams given in your NCERT. Physics is a very uncertain subject from the point of view of a competitive exam like NEET or JEE. So you have to prepare and revise for the worst. Worrying about Physics will just add up to your stress, so trust the hard work you have put in all along with your preparation duration of two years. Your Physics revision will take up approximately 1.5 hours.

Don’t try to solve any question paper on the last day. You will think that this will help you boost up your confidence but imagine not understanding 2-3 questions? This will make you highly discouraged and you will end up studying that topic all over again. This will take up your relaxation hours and turn them into your anxiety hours. You will end up studying all night and your mind will not attempt your NEET Exam effectively. 

Take a good night’s sleep of at least 8-9 hours and trust your preparation. If you haven’t stopped or dropped like other students, you are already a true warrior. Trust yourself and keep yourself calm. Manifest that you are going to rock your NEET Exam tomorrow and take deep breaths. Meditate for 5 minutes and get to sleep without forgetting to set an alarm for your upcoming big day.