Do’s and Don’ts for students appearing in class 7 IMO Examinations 

IMO Examinations are the perfect opportunity for the students to compete and develop their skills as well as gain recognition. The IMO examinations are competitive exams that students from classes 1-12 can appear for. This helps them perform well in academics and hence pursue the dream they always wanted to. During these exams there are several do’s and don’ts that every class 7 IMO examinations must keep in mind to ensure that they keep their focus and excel, these are-

List of Do’s- 

  • Remember to start up with the preparation early on

  Starting the preparation early on is one of the most essential do’s for accomplishing the objective of receiving a fantastic rank in Olympiad exams. While registering for these competitive exams, very often students do not comprehend the gravity of time and hold up their preparation. However, the class 7 IMO aspirants mustn’t take the exams carelessly and assess each day they have for the exam preparation.

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  • Do nonstop revision 

Revision is the main central point to excelling in the Olympiad exams but keeps in mind this should not be only a final moment review. It is a common tendency to study something and think they are well-versed with it. Although, during revision, they feel it needs some additional hours of study at that time they may not have much time left. Hence to avoid these very last moment hustles, students should do nonstop revisions amid their usual schedule.

  • Take references from a proper and good study material

Sourcing the accurate source of the material is very significant as this is what will give the class 7 IMO aspirants the required knowledge and confidence to perform well. There is plenty of study material that is obtainable by top publishers including workbooks, as well as mock tests. 

  • Preparation of quick notes for revision 

This is very clear that the Olympiad syllabus is always based on the individual school core curriculum. So students must make speedy notes for revision when they learn the theories at school boundaries or for the preparation of their Olympiad exam. These quick notes are very helpful for final moment study when students don’t have much time to study the complete chapter but want to rapidly go through some significant points that can help them to achieve their desired results.

  • Enjoy studies

It is imperative to enjoy the Olympiad exam studies preparation and to be interested in everything. Students often feel like the preparation for these exams is a burden as it requires consistency as well as hard work to clear with flying colors. Though there are a lot of benefits of appearing in the Olympiad exam which includes the enhancement of students’ skills, developing their analytical skills, and gaining knowledge. Therefore, it is very important that the students take it easy and prepare with interest as well as enjoy these preparations.

  • Always keep slots for recreation activity in the scheduled timetable

While putting in effort and hard work is necessary for getting the preferred results or rank in the class 7 Olympiad examinations, it is also important to not be stuck with studies only. Leisure and recreation are significant points that should be built-in in every scheduled study timetable as it will enable the students to freshen their minds. Acquiring and gaining knowledge is imperative but students should always also be able to soak it up to keep hold of it. Hence keep devoted time for doing the recreation activity which the student enjoys, it can be playing, listening to music, or creating art.

  • Solve and make sure to practice model as well as previous year papers

Previous year papers like the Class 7 IMO Question Paper 2014 are very valuable to examine the pattern of questions that may appear. Practicing these papers will aid the students in testing how many topics they have learned and will in turn help them clear all their concepts and concepts. It also keeps them have a detailed understanding of the topics that need more focus.

  • Recognize the areas that are weak spots and work on improving them

Participating in class 7 IMO exams strengthens the on-hand skills of students, but it also plays a key role in the identification of the weak spots and assists them to improve them. Once the student is aware of these areas, it becomes easier for them to prepare as well as master them.


List of Don’ts:

  • Do not try to leave the topic

Class 7 Olympiad has an enormous prospectus that involves a lot of theories with practical examples for the students to understand better. Hence the students should make certain that they study every topic systematically and also ensure that they do not leave any chapter as well as the topic for answering every answer that appears in the paper.

  • Never feel overburdened with studies pressure

Students should always keep in mind to remain calm and not get overburdened with IMO exam preparation. They ought to make a suitable schedule from the commencement and start their preparation early.

  • Don’t leave motivation

Even if the student uses additional hours to study and put in the effort they must lose motivation. Students must keep themselves engaged and optimistic and keep their endeavor intact to attain great success in the IMO exams.

  • Never lose focus 

Preserving and upholding the focus and not losing patience is very essential for every student. Remember the more dedicated the student is, the easier it is to excel in the exams. Hence, the preparation must be done with a complete focus on learning every topic and chapter in the syllabus.


The above-mentioned do’s as well as don’ts must be kept in mind of each student who belongs to class 7 and appears for the IMO examinations. Also one key aspect for every student is maintaining their confidence when they appear for such exams. These points are very necessary and help a student in gaining their desired marks as well as fantastic ranks, hence they must be read very carefully.