There is something called Ostomy , it is  an artificial opening of the body, which is directly connected to the organ, and could be done through ileostomy, a gastrostomy or a colostomy, let take a look at this colostomy.

What is Colostomy, it’s a surgery that makes a temporary or permanent opening called stoma and this stoma is a part of the body that goes from a large  intestine to the outside of the abdomen. 

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What is gastrostomy: it is the creation of an artificial external opening into the stomach for gastric decompression.

What is ileostomy: it is a surgical operation done to remove a damaged part from the ileum and the cut end diverted to an artificial opening in the abdominal wall.

So after this operation the Ostomy belt, which is attached to the Ostomy bag through loops and then wrapped around the abdomen. Colostomy bag covers will equally come handy at this point.

Now how do you care for this Ostomy belt, before we talk about how to care for it, is best we explain more on what it can be used for.

  1. Provide this sense of security, during a normal day-to-day activities
  2. its enhance conveniences 
  3. Establish predictable punching system, when you wear it over time
  4. It’s enhances, convexity of a convex barrier
  5. its gives you confidence.

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Tips you should know while wearing the belt

1.The belt should be fitted and not too tight this cause pressure 

2.If the belt comes up look for a way to drag it back and it is well positioned

3.The belt should be very comfortable on you.

4 . You can wash your ostomy belt in cold water with a mild soap, not too harsh and gently dry it, make sure it’s dry before wearing it .

5 .Your belt should be replaced that means you can’t have because,it’s tends to stretch with time and might not size you again,when you wear it too much and even if you can afford having two at a time so that you can change them, then you will just have to change it three times in a year.

6 You should know when you wear your belt depending on what your doctor nurses told you, some might be advised to wear the belt Al the time while some might be told to wear it during exercise but the most important thing is to know when to wear your belt .

NOTE: if there is a need for you to wear and Ostomy belt, don’t hesitate to get it, because it is great to have one , it keeps your Ostomy pouch steady , it’s sarathi parivahan reduces any chance of parastomal and not just that it’s helps to maintain adequate seal when using a convex skin barrier and so many other benefits.


So as you can see Ostomy belt is something to reckon ,if you would like to have the best of Ostomy belt that will make you comfortable try stealth belt go anywhere do anything.