What is the best application for you to be able to track your children’s activity and location?

In today’s world, you need to constantly keep checking on your children, just for their safety purpose. For the same purpose, the FamiSafe parental control application has been developed. It is the most trustworthy controlling application in the case of children. By the use of this application, a parent can control his/her kids’ real-time location and even know the location timeline history of your kids. These days children above age group 3 years old have their tablets and it has therefore become important for parents to look after their kids’ gadgets. It could be one of the reasons to develop good digital habits in kids from an early age. The application has been designed for the same purpose to develop and know the right balance and also for the creation of digital habits, healthy.

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FamiSafe parental control application’s unique features


  • In case your kids lose track of their destination and find themselves in a strange place, the application comes in very handy. If in case your kid fails to reach home or the place you want your kids to come to, you can provide help to your kids by creating geofences that help them for setting certain boundaries.
  • There will be no longer fear of losing your kids to an unknown person as you can track a cell phone and you are well known to the route your kids take to reach a certain place.
  • Parents should no longer be scared of their kids leaving classes and schools privately. However, if they do leave classes without their parents’ permission, it can’t be taken well. You are well aware of where your loved ones are.

 Why do you Need a Location Tracking App?

Location Tracking App is of great significance. It may help the user in various ways like;

  1. The real-time location of your child can be easily known by the location tracker. Also, you can get information on the present location of your kids. Calling your kid and asking them where are they at a particular time has become an old scenario as the location tracking app just does the work for you.
  1. No matter the place where you are at now, you can easily be aware of your kid’s Real-time location at any time of the clock.
  1. You can smoothly find out whether your children are at their school or home. It can also let you know whether they are at the place which is permitted by you or not.
  1. Making you aware of whether your kid goes to strange places without letting you know about it.

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 Creating safe Geo fences by parents

The application has a feature that allows parents to create Geofences. It is a unique and special feature of the application. Geofencing can be said as boundaries that are made by parents for their kids for example schools, homes, or surrounding areas near certain locations. Breaking of the plan routine makes parents alert as they immediately receive message alerts.

 Parents can create the scope to monitor their children’s activities. Via the use of a geofencing system, time ranges can be set up. If in case kids break the managed plans, parents get to know about it since they get alert messages at the exact moment.

Ways to get started through FamiSafe Parental Application

You can get started with the application in just 3 of the following steps given below:

  • You need to register your account on the website or through the application. The application can then be downloaded easily from Google Play Store, Amazon Store, and Apple store.
  • Once you have installed the application, you need to fill up all the necessary details in gadgets of kids as well as that of parents. Gadgets vary as per individuals, i.e., could be IOS, Android, us, PC, Mac devices, etc.
  • You need to complete the online screen details that the application asks for. Once you set up on both the gadgets, you can use the application efficiently enjoying all its features.

Apple Store                 Google Play Store                    Amazon Store

Price Plans set up by FamiSafe Parental Control Application 

There are certain premium plans set by the FamiSafe Parental control application that are listed below:

  1. The annual plan is the best value plan provided by FamiSafe. It will cost you nearly $4.99 per month and gives you the authority to protect up to 30 devices (including phones, laptops, iPads) with all the features mentioned above.
  1. The second plan is the Off quarterly plan that costs about $6.60 per month. It can even help the connected 10 devices that you can safeguard with the Primary device.
  1. The third plan is the Monthly plan which costs about $9.99 per month. This plan will allow you the protection of a maximum of 5 devices in total with access to all the premium features of the app. 


By the use of this application, you can easily know where your kids are i.e. specific location of your kids. As kids today wish to explore things on their own and enjoy out with their friends, parents can now fully support them and agree with them, since they now have FamiSafe parental control application with them. They need not fear their children anymore. They can simply use this location tracker application. National Parenting Centre has also awarded it with approval seal and also it has received mom’s choice award as appreciation for their excellence in services they provide.