8 Reasons Why You Should Be Talking about 11 Plus Past Papers

Are you worried about your children’s 11 plus exam? Or is your child undergoing a lot of stress and pressure preparing for the 11 plus exams? Research shows that 82% of school leaders surveyed expressed their student’s mental health problems during exam time. If you are not familiar with 11 Plus Papers, here are 8 reasons why you should learn more about them:

  • 11 Plus Past Papers allow your child to get used with the exam

Studying with 11+ Past Papers, you get to allow your child to have a “feel” of the exam. These resources can help your child be familiarized with the exam itself. In this way, they won’t feel overwhelmed on the day of the exam. The 11 Plus Past papers are great materials to prepare for the exam.


  • They include a collection of test papers from various private schools and grammar schools

These resources consist of test papers from various grammar schools that will give you an advantage to know more about the content of the schools’ exams. In KidSmart, we give you a variety of practice papers whether for CEM, GL Assessment, CSSE, or ISEB. 

  • This can allow you to analyze your child’s strengths and weaknesses

While studying and going through the 11+ Past Paper, you’ll be able to analyze what areas your child should focus more on. Whether they need more practice on 11 plus vocabulary or 11 plus math, practicing with 11 plus papers will allow you to identify which areas need more practice and which ones are easier for your child.

  • The 11 Plus Past Papers includes a walkthrough and answer sheets

11 Plus Past Papers give you a detailed walk through of the four subjects (english, math, verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning) and answer sheets of the past exam papers. With this, you’ll be able to see clearly and overview the exam and content of the questions. 

  • This can help your child manage expectations

Children experience a lot of stress preparing for the exams. Pressure can take a toll on their mental health and overall well-being, with the 11 Past Papers, they can be able to see for themselves what to expect and hopefully manage stress levels while practicing for the test. 

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  • Practicing with 11 Plus Past Papers can save you more time

The amount of time invested in studying and preparing for the test is no joke. With the detailed syllabus and guide, you can be able to plan properly and strategize more efficiently to save time preparing for the exams. 

  • Improve your child’s test taking skills

Practicing with 11 Plus Past Papers can help your child acquire better test taking skills. Test taking skills are honed through consistent practice and discipline. As traditional as it sounds, your child can improve his or her test taking with these practice tests.

  • Maximize learning

The end goal should not to pressure your child to pass the test. They should definitely see it as something they can do as an option. To be able to maximize learning, they should have all materials readily available to support their learning. 

KidSmart offers 11 Plus Practice Papers on their site which will ultimately give your child an edge in taking the exam! They also offer unlimited on-chat tutor support, downloadable PDFs, and even newsletters to help your child with everything related to 11 Plus Exams.