What Are Ready-To-Drink Pre-Workouts?

There are times when you want to work out, and you do not feel the energy. Fatigue, lack of morale, or a monotonous environment can be why you are not in the mood to hit the gym. The pre-workout drink is the solution many people go for to give them the energy they need to exercise.

The standard pre-workout comes in powder or liquid form, and you have to mix it with water before drinking. There is also the ready-to-drink pre-workout, which is mostly in liquid form and does not require premixing before you take it. It is an excellent option that saves you from the hassles of preparing your energy.

Hang on as we bring you more info about this energy drink.

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A Look At Ready-To-Drink Pre-Workouts

Ready-to-drink pre-workouts are more like energy drinks. You find them ready to consume; hence, you do not have to mix them with water. They work as well as the standard pre-workout beverages, though some have sweeteners. If you are keen on your healthy being, you should go for the sugar-free variety.

Do The Ready-To-Drink Pre-Workouts Work?

A question many people have about this drink is whether it works. Yes, these pre-workouts give you ample fuel to get you in the right mood for exercising. Brands like Oxyshred RTD are getting a lot of buzz due to their fantastic taste and excellent packaging. Besides giving you the energy to hit the gym, it also acts as a fat burner and will help you shed extra body pounds.

While they work, you may get some sham brands that purport to be pre-workouts. Buying these will be a waste as you won’t notice any changes.

What Is In Ready-To-Drink Pre-Workouts?

You should know what is in your bottle of pre-workouts for your health. Below are some of the ingredients in a standard bottle of pre-workout.


Caffeine is a primary ingredient in pre-workout drinks. Its role is to provide the energy and focus you need for your exercises. Additionally, it boosts mental activity and may deal with body fat.

Precursors of Nitric Oxide

The power drinks have nitric oxide precursors. If you should know, nitric oxide is a compound that the body produces naturally and helps relax blood vessels and enhance blood flow.   You need this when exercising for ample oxygen supply through the body and ridding of waste products.

Your energy drink may contain precursors of this compound, such as L-citrulline and L-arginine. The former will boost your performance when you work out, while the latter improves nitric oxide production.


Your body also naturally produces creatine and stores it in the skeletal muscles for energy production. It is a popular supplement among power athletes, where it aids in recovery time improvement and increasing muscle mass.

Amino Acids

Some pre-workout drinks have amino acids like beta-alanine, which prevents acid accumulation in muscle tissue. It allows you to put more effort in the gym without wearing out fast. When consumed, you may notice a tingling sensation, which can make you feel uncomfortable.

Additionally, you may find branched-chain amino acids that aid in muscle growth and prevent soreness after your session at the gym.

Apart from the listed ingredients, you may find others like sugar for taste. Other brands are sugar-free and use xylitol instead. Your dietician may advise against sugared energy drinks due to the many side effects they may bring. The damages include risks of diabetes and heart conditions or poor oral health.

Benefits of Ready-To-Drink Pre-Workouts

Ready-to-drink pre-workouts have the same benefits as the typical pre-workout supplement. The main advantage over the powdered supplement is that you do not have to mix it with water before consumption. Plus, you find many brands in fancy and easy-to-handle containers. It is prudent to look at some of the pros of this exercise fuel.

Energy for Working Out

You need the energy to lift weights, do squats, or jog. At times, the power is not forthcoming, and you may feel too lax. The pre-workouts come to your aid and give you the much-needed energy boost. Caffeine and creatine are responsible for the energy surge you feel after taking a sip of your power drink.


Your mind needs to be in the right place at the gym or your preferred exercising arena. The caffeine content enhances your brain function, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand. 

Improves Endurance

Endurance is a crucial part of your training. Typically, you can hold your ground for maybe a few hours at most. With a ready-to-drink pre-workout drink, you increase your resilience by some extra minutes or hours.

The amino acid content helps with recovery time; as such, your muscles won’t be too sore to get in the way of another session.

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Muscle Gains

The other benefit of these supplements is improving muscle gains. The amino acids in the drink boost muscle mass, something bodybuilders and power athletes target when they hit the gym.

Side Effects of Pre-Workout

You should be careful of the side effects of pre-workout. It is a wise move to consult your doctor before you use it. If you have heart issues or diabetes, you should keep it off as the energy drink might spike them.

Also, pregnant women should not take pre-workouts, whether premixed or not. The caffeine content can be dangerous to them. Overconsumption may lead to caffeine addiction, especially if the drink has a higher content of this substance.


Ready-to-drink pre-workout drinks are your solution to a gloomy-looking day at the gym. A gulp of the power drink, and you are in the right shape to take on the training sequence of the day. This article brings you all you need to know about the readymade drinks.

It has plenty of benefits like boosting concentration, strength, and endurance. You should take it in moderation to keep some adverse effects like heart issues and diabetes at bay. While the caffeine in the drink gives you strength and brainpower, too much of it can lead to anxiety, restlessness, and addictions. Get your favorite brand of the exercising drink and have a smooth body training session.