How to Unzip Files in Android Phones and Tablets

Here you can know how to Unzip Files in Android Phones and Tablets.Files that use .zip extension are referred to as ZIP files. ZIP functions by compressing the files and club them together so that it becomes convenient to send, upload and download a group of files.

ZIP files are mainly used on websites to help visitors download a large number of documents or media at once without having to manually download each file individually and wasting your time. ZIP files are both common in android phones and tablets.

Instead of sending a larger file, you can send the ZIP file to save your time and energy. The advantages of using ZIP files comes down to personal preference. Some people love using them while others find them inconvenient and prefer to download individual files. Unzipping means extracting the files from compressed folder.

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To unzip files android is ZIP file, you need to be familiar with how to go about it. Follow the instructions below to get a clear picture of it.

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  • A special app needs to be downloaded from the Play Store to unzip your files on the android device.
  • This will support any device including Samsung, Xiaomi, and Google etc.
  • In the context of ZIP files, it can now be done with the official Files by Google app.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and install Files by Google.
  • Open Files by Google and locate ZIP file you want to unzip.
  • If you downloaded the ZIP file from a website, it may be in the Downloads folder.
  • ZIP files always have the .zip extension.
  • Tap the file you want to unzip. The list of files in compressed ZIP folder appears.
  • Tap Extract to unzip the file. After the files are extracted, a list of the unzipped files displays.
  • Tap Done.
  • In the Files by Google app, tap the file you want to unzip, then tap Extract and Done.
  • All of the extracted files are copied to the same location as the original ZIP file.

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    With smartphones getting smarter and smarter everyday resembling personal computers in terms of memory features and usage there is absolute necessity of having an app which can easily compress any big file or a complete folder into a file of smaller size which is called a .zip file.

It is better and easy to send and receive smaller sized file or folder instead of a larger file. Hope the above steps help you in unzip files android a file of your preference.

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