Top 5 Scholarship to Study in Poland

Poland is one of the most sought-after countries among International students. Compared to other European countries, Poland is relatively cheaper and provides a rich diversity in culture. It’s also located in the heart of Europe and is well-connected to all the other European countries. 

If you believe you are an exemplary student with relevant talents and knowledge and want to study in Poland, here are the five best scholarships to study in Poland. 

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  • Polonista Scholarship and Fellowship program 

Eligible for – Holders of masters and doctoral degrees 

Scholarship amount – up to $580 per month 

Polonista Scholarships and fellowships are best suitable for International students interested in learning Polish. All foreigners interested in the Polish language holding masters and doctoral degrees are eligible. The application process is easy; you have to submit relevant documents via the NAWA ICT system and wait for the university to get back to you. Still unclear? Visit the for more information. 

  • Visegrád Scholarship 

Eligible for – Holders of bachelors, masters and post-masters degrees of the Visegrad countries 

Scholarship amount – $4,750 per semester

Funded by the International Visegrád Fund, the Visegrád scholarship is for students from Hungary, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. If selected as the beneficiary of this scholarship, you will be rewarded with the scholarship benefits for one or two semesters of your studies or even for four semesters, depending on your course. For more information, visit the

  • Stefan Banach Scholarship Program

Eligible for – Holders of masters and doctoral degrees 

Scholarship amount – up to US$400 per month + tuition fee 

A joint initiative by the Polish Development Aid and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this scholarship amalgamates two scholarship programs – Banach and Lukasiewicz. This scholarship focuses on enhancing the socio-economic progress of developing regions by providing educational aids. This scholarship is offered in both English and Polish language and is applicable for courses in engineering, agricultural sciences, exact sciences and life sciences. Visit the to know if you match the qualifications and the requirements set by the sponsors. 

  • Ignacy Lukasiewicz scholarship programme

Eligible for – Holders of masters and doctoral degrees 

Scholarship amount – US$354 per month + tuition fee waiver 

A joint initiative of the Ministry of Foreign affairs and the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange, this scholarship is best suitable for students looking to grow their careers while focusing on intercultural competence. Named after an outstanding pharmacist and a pioneer in the oil industry, this program gives its recipients preparatory courses that teach Polish culture and language. 

 You will be rewarded tuition-free second-cycle studies at any Polish public university by securing this scholarship. Apply for this scholarship via the NAWA ICT system. 

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  • University of Warsaw Social Scholarship

Eligible for – Bachelor’s 

Scholarship amount – Tuition fee waiver 

The university offers several scholarships for both domestic and international students alike. This scholarship is meant to uplift the education standards of students that are unable to get quality education in their native countries. To be considered an applicant for this scholarship, you require either a permanent residence permit or refugee status. 

However, it would help if you were a commencing or current student at the University of Warsaw to apply for financial aid. 

Poland provides several quality education opportunities to nurture and motivate students. Poland is a welcoming country and is full of diversity; if you do not have access to quality education in your home country, then Poland is the right fit for you. So what are you waiting for? Start preparing and explore this beautiful country!

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