Tips on Finding the Ideal Executive Assistant 

Have you ever stopped to think of how essential an Executive Assistant (EA) is to the success of any organization? They provide crucial administrative support to upper management and interact with every staff member daily. They directly impact the success of a business because they’re responsible for tasks such as preparing schedules and maintaining appointments, coordinating travel arrangements and meeting spots, and facilitating projects in all departments. They’re Jacks and Jills of all trades and are fundamental to smooth and lucrative business.

Is there an open EA position at your place of work? Are you facilitating the hiring process and require a few tips to get started? We’ve compiled a list of excellent EA traits to watch out for and how you can find the very best person for the job.

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Create a Thorough Job Description

The first step to finding an EA is to create a thoughtful and thorough job description. Consider sending an email to all staff that will regularly engage with this new employee and ask them to outline new EA expectations. Ask them to specify how the EA will interact with their specific projects and what qualities they’d like to see in the assistant role. 

By communicating with the entire office, you’ll attain a solid understanding of what everyone is looking for in the EA position and pinpoint the duties and responsibilities to include in the job description.

Look For Interpersonal, Organizational, and Communication Skills 

Once you publish the job description on your preferred employment sites, you’ll begin the process of reading through resumes and cover letters to find candidates you’d like to interview. This is a time-consuming part of the hiring process but an integral one. Looking through each application and searching for the keywords you need is essential to finding the best person for the job.

You’re looking for clear examples of three primary skills: 

Executive assisting is basically another term to describe multi-tasking and facilitating several things at once for many different people. To be successful, an EA must possess inherent organizational skills, love meeting new people, and have the ability to communicate with others using written and oral skills concisely. 

Check out applicants’ LinkedIn profiles to see if past employers praise them on these skills, and search for demonstrative examples in their resumes. These three qualities are imperative. If your candidate lacks even one of these skills, it’s time to move on. 

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Work with a Recruiter

Have you ever considered working with a professional recruitment agency? A trusted recruiter helps you find qualified candidates by pulling from their exclusive talent pools. You could save yourself the trouble of navigating hundreds of online profiles and resumes and administering interviews by passing over such tasks to a professional headhunter.

They know all of the tricks of the trade. Your best bet is to find an agency that has a specialized executive department because then you’ll see that they’ve got the experience and industry knowledge to search for the best EA for your company.

Your EA is the backbone of your business — the organizer, communicator, and mediator. By using these tips, soon, you’ll be working with the cream of the Executive Assistant crop.