You want a fresh start in your career and want to do it in a new city. You have assessed the market well and are convinced that the city you are planning to visit is full of job opportunities. Maybe you have already received a job application that entails you to move to a different city. So, the only thing now left to do is move. But before you start packing your bags, you need to figure out what you are supposed to do with all the things left behind. Worry no more! Continue reading this article to find out tips to help you move from one city to another. 

Keep, take and Donate: Leaving a city altogether is a big move that takes serious consideration. If, however, you are sure of your decision, you have to sort out your belongings to make sure you are not leaving anything behind. They say friends are always there by your side. So, it is the precise moment you need friends to help you pack and sort out things. 

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  • Take three different shades of post-it, each denoting the stuff you are supposed to keep, take with you to the new city and donate respectively. Now the things you don’t have any use for can either be donated or thrown away. When you are on the move, you cannot let unnecessary stuff hold you down. 
  • Now there will be things that you cannot practically take with you to a new city as the cost of transportation itself will be much higher than one can anticipate. Plus, taking all the things to a new location is not practical in the first place. You cannot give them away as they have sentimental values attached to them, and you might want to use them later. For such items, you can access city-based storage units. If you are in LA, you may look for storage Los Angeles to keep your valuables in safe conditions. These storage units let you monitor your items digitally from a remote location. 

A Test Run: Before you let go of your old place, make sure you find a local address in the new city. After you live there for a few weeks and get accustomed to the daily routine, you can give away your old rented apartment. Multiple factors play crucial roles while settling down in a new city, such as the neighborhood, the social culture, and the office atmosphere. Make sure you are comfortable with the new set-up before letting go of the old one. 


Networking and More: Most employers prefer hiring locals as employing someone from another city might have a set of problems of their own. Therefore, if you find a job in a different city, that suits you well, be sure to provide a local address. How to get a local address if you don’t have one? Well! Here comes networking! Maybe you have a friend in the city willing to help. You can put your friend’s address as your own in your resume to see if you get the job or not. Once you are selected, you can always find a location to stay and change the address. 

You are only as good as the people you know. Therefore make connections via online and offline modes and stay connected. Let your friends help you with packing and moving. It is never too early or too late to turn a new leaf.