Must-Have List of Items for Graduation Parties

Graduation season is upon us. Regardless of if your grad is completing college, high school, or kindergarten, this is a time to celebrate with a party. Here is the ultimate list of must-have items for your upcoming graduation party.

Stationary Needs: The first things that you will need to order for your grad event are the announcements and party invites. Be sure to leave plenty of time for the design process, creation, and shipping of all of your stationery needs. You will need a general idea of the size of your guest list so that you can order the appropriate number of announcements and invites. This is also a good time to order the thank you notes.

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Food and Drink: No party is complete without the right food and drink menu. The number one thing to remember is to know your audience. If you are going to have a significant amount of kids at your party, be sure to provide plenty of child-friendly food and drink. If your group will party late, you may want to consider a second round of food and drinks to keep the celebration going. Because most grad parties follow an open house format where guests can come and go, it is a good idea to offer handheld food and drink. For example, instead of a sit-down menu, consider offering a buffet of nibbles.

Decorations: Create a celebratory vibe at your party with festive graduation decorations. There are a number of directions that you can go with this. Balloons in the school colors are always a good choice. Places like Party City offer a myriad of graduation banners, paper products, and more to make decorating a breeze. If you are celebrating a high school grad, consider incorporating their college of choice into the decor by using those colors. The possibilities are endless once you start brainstorming fun ideas.


Supply Rentals: Chances are, you may not have everything that you need on hand to pull off this epic party. A party rental store will help you to secure everything that you need for your grad bash. You can rent tables, chairs, serving ware, and more at most rental operations. Be sure to secure these rentals in advance. Grad season is a busy time and you do not want to be left without what you need to accommodate your guests.

If your group will party late, you may want to consider a second round of food and drinks to keep the celebration going or download a prank call app to make the night more memorable.

Memorabilia: Graduation is the perfect excuse to take a walk down memory lane. Your guests will delight in taking this journey with you through the use of snapshots of your grad’s life. Picture boards, video slideshows, and scrapbooks are all great ways to honor your grad as they move on to the next season in life. These things take time to pull together, making it important that you do not leave this task until the last minute.

Do not let this milestone slip by without a celebration worthy of the grad. This list will keep you on track as you plan your big grad bash.