The Top 8 Packaging Automation solutions to optimize your business manufacturing process

What is Packaging Automation?

Packaging Automation is the procedure of packing products without manual human interference. Since the last decade, Packaging Automation systems have upgraded from a single machine that automates one step in the complete packaging process to now taking part in all phases flawlessly into the whole packaging process. Several factors driving automation and will continue to do so, including; manufacturing speed, labor shortages, and the safety of workers and products. Automated packaging has several benefits for Manufacturers. Operation cost gets minimized due to less labor involvement. The wastage is also reduced due to less human interaction, thereby increasing productivity. A sudden shift from manual packaging to automation may bring a mismatch between the workflow and the quantity required for production. To bridge the gap, advice from the best packaging automation company is essential. Armstrong & its team can help you know the consideration that requires packaging automation. 

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List of the top packaging automation solution:

  1. Robots

From automatic case sealers and switchable vacuum generators to robots with two hands and three visualization systems, robots are in performance to maximize robotics needs in many businesses. The “growth and development in automation technologies have increased manufacturing rates, better safety, and enhanced quality—all by dropping the effects of challenging work atmospheres and eradicating the influence of exterior environmental aspects.” Packaging automation machines—like a pick and place robot—are quickly becoming essential in processes for the food and beverage businesses.

  1. Smart Sensors

Ongoing advances in sensing technology have fuelled user prospects in nearly every industry. Upsurges in productivity can be increased with intelligent functions such as parameter copying, line changeover, small parameter changes, and predictive maintenance.

  1. Conveyor

As the request for reduced cost, speed, and integrated automation grow, so does the need for conveyer belt systems. Transfer your products rapidly and professionally through your distribution center to make conveying products to their ultimate destination quicker and safer.

  1. Case Packers

Case packing structures are formed to offer a business a viable substitute to hand-packing that guarantees the product gets to its destination in a strong and perfectly packed box to restrict damage during transit.

  1. Stretch Wrapper

A suitably contained cargo fixes more than merely holding the whole thing in place and keeps it safe during transit. Your stretch wrapper packaging automation ensures that the product remains straight and fixed on the palette and doesn’t collide or interfere with other palettes while in the transport or delivery stage. Simple film loading with boost distribution makes the most of pre-stretch performance and minimizes wear and tear.

  1. Flexible Packaging

Automatic and form-fill bagging systems help improve the wrapping procedure, reduce materials costs and maximize time and labor. Flexible packaging is an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution.

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  1. Inspection Systems

Various technologies such as vision, thermal imaging, and X-rays have become extensively available for businesses demanding inspection systems.

  1. Filling Machines

As e-commerce grows, the demands for productivity, security, and profitability in packing, shipping, and delivering are more advanced than ever. Gratefully, integrated designs for filling machines in current years have added elasticity and raced up delivery times. Manufacturers also offer numerous void fill systems that will transport and deliver void fill on request; ideal for online applications or workstations, this equipment provides outstanding protection while dropping material and delivery costs.

Are you looking for a complete Packaging Automation solution to improve your production line and optimize your supply chain? Armstrong has innovative and advanced automated packaging systems to offer different packaging services for various product lines.