The 5 best promotional gifts for 2022

After 2 tough years both physically and mentally. life, as we know it, is slowly coming back to its normal form for most people. Companies and especially employees have had some rough times and that is why it is time to spoil your employees some more this year. therefore get rid of the standard promotional gifts this year and give your employees something nice. 

  1. Stationery

Let’s face it, most brands give out pens and pencils at events. And with good reason – they’re useful and everyone appreciates them. It’s a golden rule to choose promotional products your audience will actually use! That’s why this year you should be printing notebooks for your employees provided with a personal touch or the logo of your company. 

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  1. Tech merchandise 

Like pens and pencils, branded tech merchandise scores big with audiences because it’s practical and useful. But, to make the most of it, you should tailor product choices to your audience.

To surprise your employees, look for cool innovative gadgets that are not very common to own. You can give them a power bank but it is likely that they already have a dozen of those at home. 

  1. Saying goodbye is not easy 

Is one of your employees leaving the company? then it is always neat to give someone a nice parting gift. A great gift to give are books full of stories and pictures that evoke many memories. There are many printing companies that are specialized in hardcover book printing that can help you with the design of the book. 

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  1. water = hot! 

The market of water bottles has been booming over the last couple of years. Nowadays there are many companies who focus entirely on producing water bottles with beautiful designs. Because of this the product range is huge with employees who would be happy to receive one. 

  1. Game on!

During the lockdown a lot of people were forced to stay in and have fun on their own or with roommates and family. Due to this board games gained a lot of popularity. Games like monopoly, uno and catan are now more popular than ever. Gifts are the way to go as presents these days and did you know that you can also design your own gifts nowadays.