The Importance of a Wheel Alignment Service

Your car will need professional maintenance at least once a year. You might not know the importance of some maintenance services. Many people overlook the importance of a wheel alignment service. Nonetheless, this maintenance service is a necessity for all cars and trucks. Our automotive technicians can handle this service for you in a timely manner. There are few signs that your car needs a wheel alignment. The car might have a crooked steering wheel. Squealing tires are another common sign of poor alignment. Your car will have a higher rolling resistance if the wheels are not aligned. Rolling resistance will lower the fuel economy. It will also increase the wear and tear on the tires. A shaky steering wheel is another common sign. These problems can put you and other drivers in a dangerous situation.

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Get More Use Out of Your Tires

Uneven wear and tear on your tires will reduce longevity. The tires will need to be replaced sooner. Besides tires, poor alignment can cause costly mechanical problems. Driving over large potholes will damage your car’s suspension. Prolonging the wheel alignment service will cause problems with your vehicle’s suspension system.

Save Money on Fuel

You will spend more money on gas when your car is not properly aligned. The engine will have to work harder when you are driving. Along with properly aligned wheels, properly inflated tires will improve your gas mileage.

Be More Aware of Everything

Your car should not veer to the side when you are driving on a straight road. Your steering wheel should return to the center position after you turn the vehicle. Your car will veer to the left or the right when the wheels are not properly aligned. When you constantly have to adjust the steering wheel, you become less aware of other drivers. You will have a better driving experience when your wheels are aligned. You can focus more on your surroundings.

Stay Safe in Your Car

A wheel alignment service will help you stay safe in your car. You will avoid many unexpected car issues when you are driving. Misaligned wheels can cause problems under the hood.

Fewer Costly Automotive Repairs

All cars need general maintenance. You will need more auto repairs when your wheels are not properly aligned. When you spend a small amount of cash on a wheel alignment service, you can avoid many costly repairs.

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An Overview of a Wheel Alignment Service

The type of alignment service you need will depend on your vehicle. When you get a wheel alignment service, a technician will raise your vehicle. Next, devices will be attached to the wheels. An alignment machine will help the computer take accurate measurements. The machine will adjust your car’s axles and wheels. The technician will also adjust the steering wheel and suspension angles. We will make sure that all of the wheels are parallel when the steering wheel is in the center position.

Genesis Autoworks Woolloongabba Is Here for You

A wheel alignment should be on your list of regular car maintenance services. Your car’s manufacturer will give you specific guidance about this service. Generally, you should have the alignment checked when you rotate the tires. Let the technicians at Genesis AutoWorks handle your wheel alignment service. We are friendly, and our rates are affordable. Our automotive technicians have several years of experience working with many brands. You can depend on us when you need answers.

We want you to have a great driving experience. Your car needs to be suitable for all roads. We can check the overall condition of your vehicle. Our knowledgeable technicians can repair simple and complicated automotive issues. Many costly repairs are avoidable. Bring your vehicle to our service center today. We will tell you everything you need to know about wheel alignment services for your vehicle. In addition to saving money, a wheel alignment service will save you time. Some complicated repairs may require several hours of work. Customer service is very important. At our service center, we are committed to giving every customer a great experience. Let us help your car stay on the road longer.


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