Maximizing Your Storage Room

Walking into most storage rooms, you will find materials haphazardly strewn all over without proper storage care. Large households with teenagers are the most guilty when it comes to disorganized storage rooms. This disorganized nature of keeping things makes it difficult to find room when you have more store items.

To get the full benefits of a storage room, there are several steps you can take to turn the crowded storage space into an organized room that can be used for other purposes. Besides organizing the space and giving it more utility, it is a good way to get rid of the junk within your storage room. Here are things you can consider to reclaim your space for other purposes.


Map the space out

Once you have everything on paper that you want to store, you need to take the space measurements. Take measurements of all the storage boxes and map where they will go using graph paper to know where everything will go before taking them into the storage room.

Having a well-designed map showing the various locations where you will put your belongings helps you know if you may run out of space. This enables you to move things around until they fit. If they don’t, you may have to find a larger room to put other things to avoid overcrowding.

Using equal sized storage boxes

Having uniformed boxes is convenient when piling them on top of each other. This helps reduce the difficulty in finding the correct position to put the different box sizes. Different box sizes tend to topple over on the slightest impact.

Having boxes of the same shape and sizes also improves the general outlook and neatness of the room. With these boxes, you can also find extra spaces to store other belongings.

Add fittings to your storage unit.

Fittings like shelves are a great way of maximizing your storage space. You can use the shelves to store smaller belongings like small electric appliances, shoes, and maybe some reading materials. Remember not to put fragile materials on the upper shelves in case they fall and get damaged. This should also apply to things you may need to use frequently or those that can melt easily.

You can also add cabinets and drawers to hold other items like clothing and utensils you may want to be kept away from plain view.

You can add the mezzanine flooring solution.

This modern storage hack is an intermediate floor built between two floors or between the ceiling and the upper floor. They are perfect for high ceiling storage rooms. These are usually made of steel and can be customized to meet the specific design of the client. Mezzanine Flooring Solutions in Brisbane are a perfect example for you to browse through for inspiration on the best fit for your home.

Mezzanine flooring solutions are perfect for utilizing the wasted vertical space and are built over a specific area leaving room for other fittings. This system is perfect for stacking up boxes and other heavy material you need for the flooring.

Hang items from the ceiling

You can maximize the roof space by hanging things like bicycles, mowers, and other outdoor equipment on the ceiling. You can use the bungee rope or the S-hook to hang your belongings. Raising some of the materials high up provides room on the floor you can use to store other things.

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Divide the room into various sections

Storage rooms are used to store things that are not commonly used. Having mapped your storage space’s dimensions, you can further subdivide into sections starting with the commonly used things to the most rarely used.

You can divide them into seasons, with the backspace filling up with things used during fall and winter while the front space is for spring and summer. Remember to rotate the materials after every season.

Disassemble furniture

If you have furniture in the storage space, it is advisable to disassemble them to create more room. Furniture such as beds and cabinets tend to take up a lot of space within the room. Take them apart and properly store the pieces to realize more space you can use for other purposes.


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