Staying Motivated At the Gym

It is an indisputable fact that working out is hard. While it may become seemingly easier for some people, it remains a difficult task that can become intimidating and discouraging for many. This is particularly true for beginners or those that are considered to be intermediate level participants. Exercise relies on repetition and maintenance to remain effective, which contributes to its ostensibly less ‘attractive’ nature.

Once you have taken the first step in joining a gym, keeping with it becomes imperative. Working out is a process that is best undertaken in increments. Start slow and small and build up as your body adjusts and gets better. The key to getting the results you want lies not only in your form, frequency and diet but also in your motivation levels.

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How do you stay motivated at the gym?

Get Dressed

It may sound innocuous, but just as the advice given to make your bed in the morning to help you get motivated to do other things during the day, the act of getting dressed in your workout gear can be a jump starter in getting you to the gym. Once you have those clothes on, your brain is triggered into following the next logical step, which is making use of the clothes for their purpose. If it is possible, you should try to have a variety of workout clothes available so that the process of picking an outfit out contributes towards adding some extra motivation to begin that workout. This also acts as a form of habit training; the more you associate these clothes with a commitment to the gym, the higher the chances of you hitting the gym.

Set Workable Goals

No one knows you more than you do, and understanding yourself plays a significant role in the goals that you set for your workout routine. It is vital that you are honest about your abilities and limits to have goals that reflect that. Having lofty goals creates undue pressure and disappointment when they are not met, making staying motivated enough to keep going back to the gym difficult, if not impossible.

Change Things Up

Routine can get boring. Repeating the same routine time and again is liable to create feelings of boredom. When you get bored with your workouts, it is easier to make excuses against going to the gym that could snowball from skipping a day or two to failing to workout for weeks or even months!

Other than battling boredom, switching out your routine helps to ensure that all parts of your body are targeted and exercised. This way, you avoid situations like having very toned arms with disproportionately small legs. Exploring different workout types may also help to maintain a level of excitement as you try new things and find out what works best for you, keeping you motivated to keep at it and seek results.


Be Accountable

Having to account for our actions and progress makes us more likely to continue making an effort at what we are doing than instances where no record of our progress is being kept. If you are accountable to someone for your gym habits, you are more likely to keep going back. Accountability can be established by hiring a trainer to guide you through your workouts. This is particularly effective as you not only have someone who is as invested in your good outcomes as you do, but there is also the added aspect of financial culpability. Personal trainers also make use of workout tracking software which allows them to build workout plans for their clients and monitor their progress to help them achieve their fitness goals. Alternatively, if you cannot hire a trainer, you may also invite your friends along on your trips to the gym.


What you eat affects how you feel both before and after your workout. For those days when you feel as though you are dragging yourself about a little, try taking a pre-workout supplement like Gold Standard Pre-Workout or another equivalent to help boost your energy levels. You may be able to do much more than you had expected.