Loved ones getting in trouble is nothing new, and perhaps you have been on either side of the picture. However, when the law is involved, one needs legal protection and support to avoid unnecessary jail time. Recently, in lieu of crime prevention, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department launched a publicly available application to monitor and analyze criminal activity in any area. Common bail charges in California include reckless driving or vehicular homicide, drug possession, theft, and so on. Continue reading to know more about the process of getting Bail. 

  1. Most cases are settled in the court itself and not taken to trial; however, there has been a resurgence of trials in Orange County. This means the only way out of jail before trial is to pay the bail set by the court. Unless the judge refuses bail, which rarely happens, the amount of bail will be based on the alleged offense.

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  • If the fear of a hefty amount strikes you, look no further, Orange County bail bonds serve the purpose well. No longer do you or your loved ones have to worry about paying thousands upfront. 
  • A bail bond requires you to pay only 10-15% of the bail amount and the rest in the form of collateral to a trustworthy “bail bondsman”, who will ensure speedy bail. 
  1. At the initial court appearance where the bail is set, the judge will set another follow-up date for a second hearing. All the dates will be agreed upon by all parties and set on record, and depending on the case, it might be two to six weeks till the next hearing. Paying the bail money will ensure that you do not spend this time in a cold cell.  
  2. Orange County has several reputable, reliable, and trustworthy bail bondsmen operating legally. Several of them offer affordable plans and even free financing, which eliminates a huge up-front payment. 
  • Many of these bondsmen operate 24×7 and have extensive experience of decades to ensure confidentiality and security. When choosing an appropriate bondsman, make sure to ensure they have a license and are in good standing. 
  • In Orange Country, every bondsman is strictly regulated by the California Department of Insurance (CDI), which verifies and certifies bail agreements made within the state. As California has one of the largest prison populations, these bail bond businesses have a huge role in assisting bails and ensuring public safety.

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  1. Following your release, enjoy your sweet freedom but do not forget to attend the trial you are summoned to. Not appearing for these (“bail jumping”) or forfeiting the bail conditions, in general, could mean that you lose your collateral. On the other hand, appearing for the trial would potentially absolve you. You are no longer required to pay the rest of the amount, and the agent keeps the 10-15% as part of their fees. 

This entire process is quite simple, hassle-free and effective in Orange County. Remember, a felony conviction has life-long consequences on your employment and educational opportunities, as well as a social stigma. When your future is at stake for a few hundred dollars, make the smart choice and opt for bail bonds to shoulder the financial responsibility. This way, you ensure that your bonds with your loved ones stay intact.